Fresh Green Winter Decor

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Fresh Green Winter Decor

Every holiday season we stock an amazing selection of fresh greens for you to decorate with. Make your own porch pots, purchase one of our pre-made or have us custom make an insert for you.

Tips on creating your own porch pot

  • If you really want your greens to last you should put some floral foam in your pots. Don’t forget to soak the foam before! Use soil or coarse sand to fill in the remaining areas left in your pot. If you have a really windy location, sand would be a better material than soil. If you choose to use soil don’t forget to pack it down to create a sturdy base for your greens.
  • We recommend using 3 types of greens in your planter. The added texture and colors will create a high-end design.
  • Don’t forgot to give fresh cuts on the ends of your green branches before you put them in your pot. This will assure they will uptake water and really last.
  • If using birch or other poles, place them in your planter before any greens. You can place the birch in the middle of the pot or towards the back.
  • Start by doing your first layer around the diameter of the pot-this is where you will create your over-all width.
  • Then start placing your greens upright in the middle of the planter-this is how you will choose your overall height.
  • Now that you have the width and height, fill in the middle!
  • Accessorize your planters with berries, dogwood twigs, bows or Christmas ornaments. The possibilities are endless!
  • Don’t forget to water your planters , especially if they are in a really exposed area. Winter winds can dry out greens and on sunny days the greens will want to uptake any water they can.


Types of greens to choose from:

Greens for structure:

BC CEDAR. This dark green cedar is great for creating a cascading look. Use around the edges of your pots and to fill.

SILVER FIR: The grey silver tinge of this green adds depth and texture to an otherwise green urn. It Can be used around the diameter of planters after cedar to create a stunning contrast. This versatile green is also sturdy enough to create structure and height

BC PINE: Dark fluffy needles are long lasting and is a great multitasking green. Can be used to cascade over pots, to create structure and height and is also one of the best fillers.

CAROLINA SAPPHIRE: The greenish blue tinge and unusual needles make this a great choice to add texture and color. It comes in long lengths and is great for height. The best thing about this green is that it is very fragrant, it smells of the holidays!

NOBLE FIR: The most under-rated of the all greens, noble fir has thick green needles across lofty branches. Due to its stiffness this green is the one to use if you are looking to make large upright urns. Adds immediate and easy height.

Finishing touches

By adding any of the following you can take your simple urn and create a designer masterpiece!

Natural additions:






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