Organic Vegetables

2019-03-26T12:38:46-04:00Categories: Advice, Do-It-Yourself Tips, Featured, Fruits and Herbs, Niagara Garden|

Alongside our expansive vegetable selection, we will have a selection of Certified Organic Vegetables. Here is a list of what we will have spring/summer. Please note availability can change frequently. A Arugula Rocket B Broccoli Belstar   Brussel Sprouts Nautic C Cantaloupe Sivan   Cauliflower Skywalker   Cucumber Little Leaf Pickling   Cucumber Picolino E [...]

Perennial List

2019-03-26T13:57:14-04:00Categories: Featured|

Curious to know what we grow in perennials? This list is from April 2018, but it's usually consistent from year to year. We do always order new plants from season to season; check back shortly for an updated list for 2019. We may not have everything in stock depending on the time of the season [...]

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