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Here is a list of our most popular garden ferns, available in our perennial section. Common Name Latin Autumn brilliance Dryopteris Erythrosora 'Brilliance' Christmas Polystichim Acrostichoides Cinnamon Osmunda Cinnamomea Hearts Tough Phyllitis Scolopendrium Japanese Painted Athyrium Niponicum 'Metallicum' Athyrium Niponicum 'Godzilla' Athyrium Niponicum 'Regal Red' Lady  Athyrium Filix-Femina Athyrium Filix-Femina 'Lady in Red' Maiden Hair  [...]

Native Plants

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Here is a great selection of native plants we offer here at the greenhouse: Common Name Latin Arkansas Blue Star  Amsonia Hubrichtii Bellwort Uvularia Grandiflora Bergermont Monarda Fistulosa Blue Eye Grass Sisyrinchium Lucerne Cardinal Flower Lobelia Cardinalis Coneflower Echinacea Purpurea Creeping Dogwood Cornus Canadensis Culvers Root Veronicatrum Virginicum Gay Feather Liatris Spicata Jack-In-The-Pulpit Arisaema May [...]

Sun Loving Perennials

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Here is a list of perennials that do best in sun. To see availability on what varieties we grew in 2018 CLICK HERE. Please note that this list is in alphabetical order by Common Name. […]

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