Come down to Rice Road to experience a poinsettia paradise! We stock 100’s of locally grown greenhouse poinsettias in our garden center for you to choose from. They are available in 4″, 6″, 8″ and 10″ pots in an array of colors.  After choosing your poinsettia, we will wrap the pot in decorative foil and sleeve it to protect it from the cold! We can also add glitter, evergreen branches and more for additional costs.

Poinsettia Care

  • Poinsettias do NOT like cool or cold weather. Make sure you are picking up your poinsettia as your last errand, or on your way home. Put poinsettias in your warm car, not your trunk. Trunks are too cold for poinsettias this time of year.
  • When you get the plants home, take off the protective sleeve we have provided you with.
  • Place your poinsettia in an area of your home that receives bright indirect light.
  • Do not place your poinsettia near any radiators or other heat sources, and do not place it too close to a cool drafty window or door.
  • Water thoroughly, whenever the soil surface is dry. Make sure if you have it in a container or decorative foil, that you empty any water that is left-over after watering.

The more you know!

While the genus, euphorbia, does contain some poisonous plants, the poinsettia, Euphorbia pulcherrima, is NOT poisonous! The myth that they are poisonous is most often attributed to a case in 1919 where a child died after recently eating a poinsettia leaf.  Keep in mind that the sap produced within the stems, flowers and leaves can cause mild irritations, but a 50lb child would have to eat over 500 leaves to begin to show any signs of toxic levels in their system. In fact, the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Poison Center looked at over 22,000 reported cases of poinsettia exposure and found that over 90% of those exposed did not develop any symptoms after ingestion. Even animals will not be heavily affected by consuming a poinsettia leaf. Some can have a sensitivity to the latex contained in the plant, and may experience diarrhea or even vomit, but the taste of a poinsettia is so unpleasant that usually a child or animal doesn’t eat very much.

Christmas Fun: The Legend of the Poinsettia

Long ago there lived a brother named Pedro, and his sister Pepita, who lived in a small Mexican village.Each year their village would hold a festival which would center around the large nativity scene within the church.Even though Pepita and Pedro were very poor and could not afford any gifts, they always looked forward to Christmas and its festival. One Christmas, Pepita wanted to bring a gift for the baby Jesus in the churches nativity scene. Her family did not have very much money and she did not know what to bring. That Christmas Eve, on their way to the church, Pepita stopped to pick some green weeds along the road to make bouquets to bring as her gift. As she clustered the weeds together she became embarrassed. Her brother Pepita, looking at the care and love she put into creating the bouquet of weeds told her,
“Pepita. I am sure that even the humblest of gifts, given in love, will be adequate in His eyes”.
With her brothers assuring words she finished collecting her bouquets of weeds. Upon arrival at the church she walked up the aisle and decorated baby Jesus’ manger with her bouquets.  When she finished carefully placing the flowers around the manger, a Christmas miracle happened! The leaves burst into bright red and the manger was now decorated with beautiful red flowers! Every year after, the same weeds would bloom for the Christmas season throughout the city. This flower is the poinsettia.