Succulents have been trending on Instagram and Pinterest boards for a while now, and it’s easy to see why. These cute plants come in many different colors, textures and are very low-maintenance.

We grow thousands of succulents right here in our greenhouse for you to come choose, just over 70 varieties. Our succulents grown on-site are available in various sizes, our most popular choice is our 2.5″ pots. They are a popular item for weddings and party favors.

All of these are tropical to Niagara, but can be put outside during our summers. To keep them indoors, they need around 6 hours of natural sunlight. Too little sunlight and the plants can start to stretch. They do best placed in a location with in-direct light, as our hot afternoon sun can give them sunburn.

Do you have a wedding or event? You can purchase our succulents online here.