Here is just some of what has arrived. Our greenhouses are full of plants for you to choose from. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list of everything we carry, we just have too much to list! Come down to our greenhouse to see our full collection.

Aglaonema Assorted Ficus Benjamina
Air Plants Ficus Lyrata AKA Fiddleleaf Fig
Alocasia Ficus Rubber Burgundy
Aloe Vera Gardenia
Anthurium Assorted Hibiscus
Bamboo Palm Italian Cypress
Banana Jasmine
Bay Rum Lemon Kimberly Queen Fern
Begonia Rex Lobster Claw Heliconia Rostrata
Bird of Paradise Macho Fern
Boston Ferns Majesty Palm
Bougainvillea Assorted Mandevilla Assorted
Bromeliad Assorted Money tree-Pachira
Cactus Assorted New Zealand Flax
Calathea Orchid
Calla Lily Orchid
Cat Palm Peace Lily
Chinese Fan Palm Philodendron Assorted
Cinnamon Phoenix Palm
Coffee Plant Pothos Assorted
Cordyline Assorted Prayer Plant Asst.
Crispy Wave Fern Sago Palm
Croton Assorted Sansevieria Assorted
Desert Candle Schefflera Bush
Dieffenbachia Assorted Spiderplant
Dracaena Assorted Spindle Hyophorbe Palm
Edible Brown Turkey Fig Succulents—1000’s to choose from
Ensente Maurelli Red Banana Yucca Cane
Eugenia Assorted Yucca Cane 14in
Ficus Ali ZZ Plant