Polymeric sand is a product long used by landscape companies when laying pavers and patio stones to keep joints clean and maintenance free. We now are offering this product for you!

What is polymeric sand?

Like its name states, this product is a coarse sand that has had polymers added to it. These polymers will harden,when activated by applying water, and seal joints in between pavers and stones. When creating a driveway,walkway or patio, the finishing touch is sweeping  sand in between joints. The benefits to using polymeric sand,rather than traditional coarse sand, are

  • seals joints
  • resists weeds
  • ants won’t be able to dig down and make their colonies
  • storm water won’t wash it out onto stones and surrounding areas
  • aesthetically pleasing as it comes in different colors

We now have this product available in 18kg bags in 2 colors

polymeric sand tanpolymeric sand granite