A great alternative to cut trees, live-potted Christmas trees are a way to celebrate the holiday season, while being earth-friendly. Rather than throwing out your Christmas tree, you can plant for years of enjoyment. We have a great selection to choose from, here are our tips on how to use a live-potted tree this season.


  • Live trees do much better over the winter if they are planted into the ground. Dig your hole in November, while the ground is still workable. Dig your whole twice as wide as the pot, and work the soil on the bottom with a shovel.
  • Put the extra soil in a bucket, and bring into a basement or garage so it doesn’t freeze. You can also use a bag of triple mix or compost. This thawed soil will be used later in December to fill in your hole once your tree is planted.
  • It is best to cover  your freshly dug whole with plywood or wood planks.
  • When you purchase your tree, it is best to keep it outdoors until a week before Christmas. Water every 2-3 days.


  • Live-potted Christmas trees should only be brought indoors for 7-10 days. Keep on your porch before you bring it in, you can even decorate it for your porch.
  • Wrap a garbage bag around the bottom of the pot, and place it on a a tray to hold in water. You can cover the bag with a tree skirt or burlap.
  • Place it in the coolest area of your home, usually near a window or sliding doors. Make sure NOT to place it near a heating vent.
  • Decorate using LED lights if possible, they do not give off a lot of heat.
  • Make sure you water your tree everyday


  • Harden off your tree before putting it in the hole you dug outdoors. This hardening off should be done for about 7 days. This will help your tree adjust to the cold temperatures.
    • place your tree outdoors for a few hours each day, and put into a garage at night. Each day leave it out a little longer.On it’s seventh day you are ready to plant!
  • Cut off the lip of the fibre pot, and make 4 evenly spaced incisions down the side of the pot. Place the pot in the hole you dug.
  • Using the soil you stored, back-fill around the pot firmly. Water thoroughly and then add another 4″ of soil atop to help insulate the roots for the winter.
  • It would be best to burlap the tree or use Wilt-Pruf to help prevent windburn.


  • Remove the extra 4″ of soil you used to insulate in early spring, remove burlap.
  • Use a transplanter fertilizer in spring, and every 2 weeks for its first season.
  • Make sure to water your tree frequently, especially during hot summer days.