• Weekly Sales

    Weekly Sales

    A new week of sales is here featuring tropicals and hardy tropicals, select succulents, tropical fuits and citrus trees, and more! This week's sale runs Thursday June 22nd to Wednesday June 28th.

  • $15 Shrub Sale!

    $15 Shrub Sale!

    While quantities last, we have a great selection of flowering shrubs, evergreens and vines on special for just $15!

  • Reclaim Your Yard From Mosquitoes

    Reclaim Your Yard From Mosquitoes

    With such a wet year, mosquito populations are expected to be higher than previous years. Protect your family against these pests and possible West Nile Virus with some of our recommended products.

  • Palm Paradise in Niagara

    Palm Paradise in Niagara

    Our poolside palms have arrived. We have Niagara's best selection of large palms, come down and experience the tropics here at Rice Road. We can help you create your very own staycation in your own backyard.

Rice Road’s Garden Blog

206, 2017

Root Rescue to Rescue Your Landscape Plants!

Last year we experienced a terrible drought that affected trees, shrubs and perennials. Plan ahead for this summer and use our natural based Root Rescue to help develop roots, and improve their tolerance to drought stress.

3005, 2017

Attack of the Wilting Tomatoes

When good vegetables go bad! Are your tomatoes revolting against you by wilting, or even beginning to rot on the bottom of the fruits? Here is some of our advice on how to grow great tomatoes, and common issues we see.

2004, 2017

Scarlet Lily Beetle

Did your lilies last season just turn to sticks? The culprit could be the Scarlet Lily Beetle. Unfortunately we already have some sightings in Niagara. Read about these pests and how to control them.

1904, 2017

Spring Garden Clean Up

It's official, it's spring. We're here to help you get your gardens ready for the upcoming season.

1904, 2017

Houseplants for Better Sleep

Do you experience restless nights? Why not try some of these houseplants to help you sleep at night. Not only do they look amazing as interior design elements, they are also beneficial to your health.

1904, 2017

Attracting hummingbirds

Attracting hummingbirds to your yard is really quite easy. By understanding their feeding and migration habits you can have a garden full of hummingbirds this season.