• Living Christmas Trees

    Living Christmas Trees

    Start a new tradition this season with live Christmas trees. Plant your Christmas tree this season after it has been used.

  • Poinsettia Paradise

    Poinsettia Paradise

    Come down to Rice Road to experience a poinsettia paradise, all poinsettias are locally grown in Ontario! Choose from 100's of poinsettias available in a number of colors to decorate your home this holiday season.

  • Winter Workshops

    Winter Workshops

    Sign-up today to learn how to create winter urns and centerpieces.

  • Fundraising Opportunity

    Fundraising Opportunity

    We have a great opportunity for your school, organization or church to raise funds this holiday season. Find out how you can sell poinsettias or coupons this holiday season.

Rice Road’s Garden Blog

406, 2017

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

We apply this age-old philosophy to many things in our lives, why not bugs too? Learn about the lady bug, one of many beneficial bugs in your yard.

306, 2017

Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover

Learn about beneficial bugs in your yard, usually among the scariest looking. On today's docket---Lacewings!

206, 2017

Root Rescue to Rescue Your Landscape Plants!

Last year we experienced a terrible drought that affected trees, shrubs and perennials. Plan ahead for this summer and use our natural based Root Rescue to help develop roots, and improve their tolerance to drought stress.

3005, 2017

Attack of the Wilting Tomatoes

When good vegetables go bad! Are your tomatoes revolting against you by wilting, or even beginning to rot on the bottom of the fruits? Here is some of our advice on how to grow great tomatoes, and common issues we see.

2004, 2017

Scarlet Lily Beetle

Did your lilies last season just turn to sticks? The culprit could be the Scarlet Lily Beetle. Unfortunately we already have some sightings in Niagara. Read about these pests and how to control them.

1904, 2017

Spring Garden Clean Up

It's official, it's spring. We're here to help you get your gardens ready for the upcoming season.