• Fruit Trees Have Arrived!

    Fruit Trees Have Arrived!

    It's April 12th and all fruit trees have arrived. See more for what varieties we received---all while quantities last.

  • The Ins and Outs of Porch Decor: Spring Edition

    The Ins and Outs of Porch Decor: Spring Edition

    With the frost we saw on the weekend, it's hard to know what and when we can place live plants on our porches for color. Here we will give you some tips and ideas on what you can do to decorate your front porch.

  • Potatoes and Onions: How-To

    Potatoes and Onions: How-To

    Potatoes and onions are easy to grow, and are often over-looked. Learn how you can grow your own.

  • Control Crab Grass

    Control Crab Grass

    Corn gluten is a great way to help control the spread of crab grass in your lawns. It also helps controlling dandelions, and other weeds in your garden! Read on to learn more about corn gluten.

Rice Road’s Garden Blog

2006, 2017

Pepper Maggots

Have you experienced premature ripening or decay of your peppers where they rot and drop to the ground?Or have you ever harvested a perfect looking pepper, but when you open it it is full of maggots? If either of these have happened to you, your peppers have pepper maggots. Learn how to control this yucky pest in your vegetable gardens.

706, 2017

Reclaim Your Yard From Mosquitoes

With such a wet year, mosquito populations are expected to be higher than previous years. Protect your family against these pests and possible West Nile Virus with some of our recommended products.

506, 2017

Ants and Aphids

Have you noticed ants 'attacking' your garden plants? Are the leaves on your plants becoming discolored, and, if left long enough, curling up on themselves? Do they look as if they have ash or soot all over them? If you have seen any of these signs in your garden, you may want to check your plants for aphids.

406, 2017

Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

We apply this age-old philosophy to many things in our lives, why not bugs too? Learn about the lady bug, one of many beneficial bugs in your yard.

306, 2017

Don’t Judge a Book By It’s Cover

Learn about beneficial bugs in your yard, usually among the scariest looking. On today's docket---Lacewings!

206, 2017

Root Rescue to Rescue Your Landscape Plants!

Last year we experienced a terrible drought that affected trees, shrubs and perennials. Plan ahead for this summer and use our natural based Root Rescue to help develop roots, and improve their tolerance to drought stress.