Hardy tropicals are something we have specialized in for the past 15 years. We are proud to say that we carry not only the best, but also the largest selection within the Niagara Region. We stand firm in the belief that hardy tropicals are not just for collectors anymore. Between you and us, there is something extremely satisfying in successfully growing plants that most books tell you shouldn’t be grown here in the Niagara Region- maybe it’s the rebel in us.

This specialty hardy tropical is native to the volcanic slopes in the Andes Mountains. This unusual tree received its name in the mid 1800’s when someone commented that it would puzzle a monkey to climb this tree due to its very stiff and spiky leaves.

Monkey Puzzles have a loose pyramidal shape while young, and develop an umbrella-like canopy as they age.  This unique evergreen is a great specimen plant in any garden, and is sure to have neighbors and visitors mesmerized.  Araucaria araucana is at the very edge of its hardiness in Niagara. When in its native habitat it can grow to 50 feet or more, while an older specimen in Niagara-on-the-Lake is barely five feet tall. If you want to keep it outside year round, we strongly recommend planting it in a sheltered location and offering winter protection. Hardy tropicals fall just outside our zoning in Niagara, but with good winter protection we often see them survive our winters.

We will ship you a 1 gallon pot, plant size is roughly 15-18 cm in height. 

  • Canadian Zone: 7b-8a
  • Exposure: Sun/shade
  • Keep in a well drained soil

Please be aware of what planting zone you are located in while purchasing these specimens. If you fall below a zone 6, we suggest you bring these indoors for the winter months. We recommend winter protection for hardy tropicals in any zone, 6 or higher, to ensure winter survival. 

Rice Road does not warranty hardy tropicals. While we guarantee that you will receive a healthy plant, we do not offer any growing warranty.

Please see our policies page for information on shipping.