For bird enthusiasts, and those just starting, our birding department is your one stop shopping center for all things birds! We have a large array of feeders, baths, houses and accessories for you to choose from. We also carry suets, seeds, mealworms, hummingbird and oriole nectar and more! We are confident in quality and function of all our products and feed. We use only tried and true, tested products.

Bird Feed: Seeds, Suet and more!

We carry a vast selection of bird seed for you to feed your Ontario backyard birds. High quality and always fresh, our bird seed is available in bulk or large bags.

The following are available by bag or bulk:

Specialty Blends: Only available in bulk


To get a wide variety of birds, it is best to offer a range of feed, including suet. Use suet to attract woodpeckers, flickers, nuthatches, chickadees and more!

Feeders, Houses and More!

We have a variety of top quality feeders for all Ontario backyard birds. Come in for an amazing selection and ask our staff for recommendations! From squirrel proof feeders to finch feeders, from butterfly to hummingbird feeders, we have it all!