Attached to our garden centre is Niagara’s Largest Bulk yard. Here you will find all the hard goods for your landscaping needs. We carry mulches, soils, stones, boulders, patio stones and more. We have 9 different high-quality soil mixtures available by the yard or half yard. Bring down a truck or trailer to our garden centre to be loaded with any of our products by experienced staff.

Our staff at customer service in the garden centre is extremely knowledgeable about our products and can help you choose the right material for the right application. We can even assist you in calculating how much of a product you need for the job. All we need from you is the length and width of your area and how thick you would like to put the product down. For most of our products one yard will cover roughly 165 square feet at 2″ thick. Please note we also offer soil by the bag for smaller jobs.

  • If delivery is required we offer delivery on all our products within the Niagara Region. Call the garden centre or see one of our staff on-site for delivery rates and days.

Here is the selection of soils we carry:


Veggie Blend;

A house-made blend made from rich black topsoil, compost and a few other secret ingredients. High in nutrients to get your veggies growing and tasting delicious.

Photos courtesy of Brianne Clarke Photography.