Attached to our garden centre is Niagara’s Largest Bulk yard. Here you will find all the hard goods for your landscaping needs. We carry mulches, soils, stones, boulders, patio stones and more. We have 9 different high-quality soil mixtures available by the yard or half yard. Bring down a truck or trailer to our garden centre to be loaded with any of our products by experienced staff.

Our staff at customer service in the garden centre is extremely knowledgeable about our products and can help you choose the right material for the right application. We can even assist you in calculating how much of a product you need for the job. All we need from you is the length and width of your area and how thick you would like to put the product down. For most of our products one yard will cover roughly 165 square feet at 2″ thick. Please note we also offer soil by the bag for smaller jobs.

  • If delivery is required we offer delivery on all our products within the Niagara Region. Call the garden centre or see one of our staff on-site for delivery rates and days.

Here is the selection of soils we carry:

  • Veggie Blend

    A house-made blend made from rich black topsoil,high-grade compost and a few other secret ingredients. High in nutrients to get your veggies growing and tasting delicious.

  • Triple Mix

    A course textured blend of soil, manure and compost. A great basic garden blend that can be used for gardens containing trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals.

  • Professional Triple Mix 

    Light weight blend of compost, aged bark, peat and soil. Formulated with high organic matter, optimum pH, water retention and porosity for quality root growth and overall plant health. Great for planting in garden beds and boxes. Can be used for trees, shrubs, annuals, and perennials.

  • Black Topsoil

    Recommended for garden beds, black topsoil is a great choice for planting or conditioning existing garden beds. Contains peat and humus and is at least 88% organic matter. Contains aged bark chips to compost over time.

  • Professional Lawn Dressing

    Organic blend of composted pine bark, leaf and yard compost, coir and uniform sand. Recommended for lawns as it feed microbes to existing soil and helps reduce thatch. Increases and optimizes soil porosity and promotes water retention to improve turf conditions. Easily flows through spreader

  • Super Black Compost

    This is a leaf and yard compost that will help amend clay and sandy soils. A nutrient-rich soil conditioner that helps plant roots uptake necessary nutrients. Also helps boost water retention in soils. Mix into vegetable, perennial or annual gardens. Will eventually compost further into humus.

  • Manure

    This is a locally sourced horse manure. Has an excellent source of organic matter, microbes and adds nutrients. Best used in fall, mix about 3-4″ into gardens for trees and vegetables.

  • Unscreened Topsoil

    Sandy loam that has not been screened. May contain sticks and stones, clumpy when wet. Good for filling in large holes or creating slopes.

  • Screened Topsoil

    This is the unscreened topsoil that has been screened down to 1″ . May contain sticks and stones smaller than 1″, clumpy when wet. Good for filling in large holes or creating slopes.

    Doing a project and need to know how much product to use? Use our yard calculators