In season, we have a great selection of unusual tropical fruits available alongside our citrus trees. Great for patios and container gardens, the glossy leaves and fragrant blooms make citrus an interesting addition to any garden.

Here is a list of some unusual tropical fruit that we have carried in the past. Please note that stock can change.

Unusual Tropical Fruits:

Plant Variety
Avocado Hass
Avocado  Bacon 
Bay Rum Lemon
Coffee  Coffee Arabica
 Lychee Brewster
Mango  Glenn
Mango Mallika
Mango  Tommy Atkin
Miracle Fruit  
Olive Arbequina-Spanish Table
Olive   Frantoio
Persimmon Fuyu
Tamarind  Tart
Wax Jambu Green


We also stock citrus trees. Quantities and varieties in stock with fluctuate. Here is a list of some the most common citrus we stock:

  • Lemon (various varieties)
  • Orange (various varieties)
  • Kumquat (various varieties)
  • Grapefruit (various varieties)

Here are some of the unusual fruits we have carried in the past, stock fluctuates dependent on supplier availability.