Rice Road Greenhouses has an amazing selection of perennials from the common to the unusual. Being Niagara’s largest garden centre allows us to have plenty of space to grow over 700 varieties of perennials on site. We also receive new stock daily for you to browse at your convenience.

Home Grown Quality

At Rice Road plant quality is a priority. With over 35 years in growing experience you can be assured that our plants receive the very best care from seedlings till the time you take them home. With 40,000 square feet of greenhouse space for growing you can watch perennials grow from seedlings or cutting to plants. While most people are taking time off to be with family and friends at Christmas, we are already starting production for the following spring.

Not only are our plants beautiful they are also strong and healthy for Niagara gardens. Before they are sold to the public we gradually introduce young plants to Niagara’s climate, which we all know can be unpredictable and harsh. This ‘Hardening-Off’ technique makes plants stronger and able to flourish in your Niagara garden.

Finally, we know the importance of variety for gardening enthusiasts. The fact that we can offer plants you won’t find anywhere else makes us happy as well as our customers. To get a true sense of our vast selection, you must come on down, tour our greenhouses and see for yourself Niagara’s best selection.

We most likely have what you are looking for to add to your gardens, and if we don’t we will try to find it for you.

Tips For Purchasing the Right Plant For Your Garden

We here at Rice Road can help recommend plants for your garden; we also have our plants organized for sun loving or shade loving plants. We even have specialty benches, like plants to attract butterflies, to help you with your selection. Here is some information that will be helpful for our staff and for you when choosing which perennials to bring home.

Know the Planting Site:

  • Is the soil sandy or clay?
  • How much sun (or shade) does the site get? (Is it on a south or west facing wall? Is it under an overhang?
  • How much space do you have to have for the plant to grow?

These factors are important because some plants will thrive under certain conditions while others fail. To avoid disappointment bring this information with you and our staff can help you select the plants that are best suited to that particular location.

Themed Perennial Gardens

Are you looking to create a native plant garden, or an easy groundcover? Here are some great selections for themed gardens. Click each one below for ideas on themed gardens. See our full perennial listing for a full listing of plants we carry!

Photos courtesy of Brianne Clarke Photography.