We here at Rice Road now offer an alternative to kibble for your dogs in the form of the “Raw Meat” diet by Raw Performance Dog Food.

Give your pet a healthy natural diet for the same price or less then quality kibble without fillers; just meat!

Why feed your dog a raw meat diet?

The Benefits

  • healthier, shiny coat
  • reduction in heart, liver and kidney disease
  • better for their joints
  • faster, easier digestion
  • easier, natural weight management
  • no more bad breath or dog odor
  • healthy, strong, white teeth
  • less poop to scoop, easier clean up
  • no food allergies

We offer two varieties to choose from in a 10lb and 35lb bag:

  • 100% Chicken
  • Premium Tri-Mix: 50% Chicken + 35% Horse + 15% Beef Liver

Raw dog food is pre-cut into approximately 1 lb. blocks. All you need to do is thaw and feed.

Food is Canadian grown and government inspected.

It is leaner with a higher protein, iron, and vitamin B12 content and has an incredible amount of omega 3 fatty acids which are great for your pet’s joints, skin, and coat.