We here at Rice Road have the largest pond department in Niagara and offer an extensive selection of products for all your pond needs. Have an experienced staff member help you create the pond of your dreams, we can guide you from start to finish. We can also help with an array of pond problems including,but not limited to, green water,sick fish, filtration systems,malfunctioning pumps and more.

pond lighting

Here are some of the products you will find here at Rice Road.

Pond liner and Underlay

Our pond liner is 45 mill fish-safe EPDM and leads the industry in reliability and quality. Easy to work with as it has lay flat characteristics and super elongation requiring no special tools during installation. Since it is resistant to UV,ozone and oxidation deterioration it is preferred among pond installation specialists. Our pond underlay is a geo-textile fabric to help protect liner from stones and other sharp objects. This under layment spreads easily and allows gases to escape. We also have a good selection of pre-formed pond liners for you to choose from.

Pond Piping/Hose

Our black kink-free hosing comes in various sizes and is fish safe. Extremely flexible this hosing is resistant to crimping or collapsing around tight curves.

Pond Filtrationfilter and pump

We carry many styles of filters to suit any type of pond. Filtration systems will help keep water clear and also can help balance your ponds ecosystem. We carry pressurized filters,UV lights, skimmer filters, bio-falls filters, ion-gen systems and more!

Pond Pumps

Our pond pumps are all magnetically driven which makes them extremely energy efficient and easy to maintain! From small pumps, great for small features, to large professional pumps we have pumps for all pond sizes and applications. Pumps are oil-free and come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.


ultra pump aquasurge


Pond Aerators and Heaters

Pond eco-systems are dependent on oxygen for proper fish and plant habitats and using an aertoar will create a balanced pond. While plants provide oxygen naturally they stop producing oxygen at night  or when there is no sun,aerators help supplement this.  Aerators can also be used during the winter to keep your pond from freezing over. You can also use a pond heater during winter months to prevent your pond from fully freezing over, which is essential for fish survival.

Lighting and Waterfall Accessories

Have your pond look as great in the night as it does during the day by installing pond lights. Our lighting combines style and simplicity. Easy to install our pond lights are fully submersible and are LED, LED can save up to 90% on electrical costs compared to halogen. Add dimension to your pond by creating a natural looking waterfall using one of our waterfall basins or a create a clean more modern looking flow using a waterfall spillway.

lighting features

Water Treatments

Our various water treatments are the perfect blend of science and simplicity, making it easy to maintain a healthy,well-balanced and clear pond environment. We carry a range of pond water treatments, all with convenient easy to use applications.From small ponds to large farm ponds we have water treatments to help with a variety of pond issues. Here are just some examples of what our water treatments have to offer;

  • eliminate algae and debris
  • clear cloudy water
  • balance your ponds ecosystem
  • make tap water safe
  • pond colorants to help with UV filtration that can make water blue,brown or black
  • eliminate foamy water
  • natural products for clearing pond water like barley straw

water treatment line

Fish and Fish Care

Once you have your pond up and running we have a great selection of  fish
specimens for you to take Pond Fish home. Beautiful shubunkins,comets, standard koi and butterfly koi come in amazing colors and all sizes. We also offer high grade fish food for you to provide your pond fish with a nutritious and balanced diet. Our food is specifically formatted for use in ponds and will not cloud water! While uncommon, we do have treatments to help with sick fish who have fungal or parasitic illness. Here are some symptoms to look for in sick fish to help diagnosis:


                              Fish Symptoms     Possible Illness
Erratic movement,rubbing on rocks throughout pond Parasite
Growths that look like cotton balls Fungal Infection
Open wounds or ulcers Bacterial Infection
Fins appear to be rotting away Fin Rot
Bacterial Infection
Red streaks in fins Bacterial Infection
Ammonia Poisoning
Small white dots that look like salt Ich
Gasping at surface of water Oxygen Depletion
Bulging eyes Bacterial Infection
Scales protruding from body;fish looks like a pine-cone Dropsy
Bacterial Infection
Red or swollen gills Parasite


Plants and Plant Care

From hardy water lilies to tropical lotus,and hardy canna lilies to floating hyacinths we have an extensive selection of pond plants during the summer season to help you landscape your pond. We also provide everything you need to care for your pond plants including pond soil,stones,floating pond islands and fertilizer specially formulated for pond plants.

Decorative Fountainsfountains

If you love the sound of running water but would prefer to have very little water and no fish, decorative fountains may be for you! We have a selection of self-contained pond fountains great for decks,patios or as focal points in your yard. Create your own feature by using basins to hold large stone pieces or other large fountains,the possibilities are endless. Create small fountains or add to your existing water feature using small spitters. Water features are available for even the tiniest of spaces.

Predator Control

Raccoons and herons and can reek havoc on your pond stealing your prized fish, and we have just the things to help. Protective pond netting keeps critters from getting into your pond and also will catch falling leaves and debris. Our netting is a quality poly-woven material to resit tearing, is reusable, and comes with stakes to secure netting in place. Herons are territorial and will not visit a pond when another heron has claimed it as theirs. Put out a life-like heron decoy to trick them into thinking you have another heron! Add some fun and whimsy to your pond while protecting your fish by using a floating alligator decoy. The natural movement of the decoy will deter herons and other predators from visiting your pond.

Installation Tools

Visit our pond department for an amazing selection of everything you need to build or repair your pond. We carry various sizes and types of fittings for pond pumps to create amazing waterfalls or fountains. From waterfall foam, to repair tape and glue we have everything you could possibly need.

Come down and speak with one of our experienced pond specialists for some tips and tricks to help you create the pond of your dreams!

Photos Courtesy of Brianne Clarke Photography.