Curious to know what we stocked in fruits last season? This list is from April 2017, but stock is usually consistent from season to season. Check back shortly for an updated list for 2019.


We may not have everything in stock depending on the time of the season you come to the greenhouse.  If you do not see a variety you are looking for, give us a call. We may have received it, and we can try to bring it in for you.

Apple Empire Apple
Gala Apple
  Granny Smith Apple
  Honey Crisp Apple
  Mutsu Semi-Dwarf Apple
  Red Delicious Apple
  Spartan Semi-Dwarf Apple
  Yellow Delicious Apple
Cherry 4 In 1 Cherry
  Bing Sweet Cherry*
  Montmorency Sour Cherry
  Single Pink Weeping Cherry
  Stella Sweet Cherry
Currant Crandall Black Currant 
Red Lake Red Currant
Elderberry Black Tower Elderberry
Gooseberry Pixwell Gooseberry
  Poorman Gooseberry
Grape Concord Grape
  Flame Grape
  Himrod Seedless White Grape
  Interlaken Grape
  Pinot Gris Grape
  Pinot Noir Grape
  Suffolk Grape
Peach Frost Peach
  Reliance Peach
Pear 4 In 1 Pear
  Bartlett Pear*
  Bosc Pear*
Plum Combination Plum
  Italian Prune Plum
  Santa Rosa Plum
  Shiro Japanese Golden Plum