hostaNo garden is complete without hostas, but with thousands of named cultivars which one is best for you? In a word, appeal. Two stunners, especially in combination are Hosta Loyalist which has white leaves edged in green and its exact opposite, Hosta Patriot with broad white edges. This pair will brighten dull shady spots all summer.

The most unique Hosta we’ve seen in a while is Spilt Milk which derives its name from the white streaks and splashes that cover its large green leaves.

Just as interesting is Hosta Striptease which…well, you decide.

Without question the one that turns most heads in the nursery is Hosta Great Expectations with its large golden leaves edged in green. Another head-turner is Hosta Sum and Substance, whose enormous leaves are guaranteed to attract attention. These are just some of the hostas in our collection, you’re guaranteed to find one just right for you.