Container gardening is a gardeners best tool to add color for spaces of all sizes. It is a perfect way to exercise your creativity regardless of whether you live in a house with large gardens, an apartment with a small patio or condo with a balcony. Here is a list of easy care annual planters for you to create at home. Provided for each planter is an easy planting recipe for you to follow.Each recipe will let you know if the planter should be placed in sun or shade,which plants to use,what size pot to plant in, and a layout for where each plant should be placed within the planter.To make this even easier we have each planter on display in our greenhouse surrounded by every plant you need to recreate this at home!

Ace of Hearts ace of hearts


California Dreaming california dreaming


Chestnut Hillchesnut hill


Cinnamon Sugar   cinnamon and suagr


 Crowning Moment crowning moment


Heart of Goldheart of gold


Leafy Looks leafy looks


Make A Splashmake a splash


Sand Dunesand dune


Shady Glen shady glen


 Vivacious   vivacious


Wild Thingwild thing