Thirteen years ago, we here at Rice Road began using alternatives to chemicals for pest control within the greenhouses as our first step in our green initiative. While we do occasionally have to use chemicals on some plants, we have reduced this amount by adding sustainable, biological pests into our pest management program. An example of natural control we implement here at the greenhouse is the use of liquid garlic. We inject garlic into our lines when watering plants which helps control white fly. As an example of a biological control, we use nematodes for control of other pests at the greenhouse.


We are trying to reduce our waste that goes into landfills, and are asking for help from our customers, along with our workers. You will notice multiple bins around our greenhouse labelled for the following.


All our recycling bins are single recyclestream.

What is single stream recycling?

It’s the future for responsible resource conservation and an important step in reducing our waste. Single-stream recycling is as easy to use as the trash can, anything recyclable goes into the bin, which is then sorted at a facility.

Waste accepted into our recycling bins:

  • paper and cardboard ( includes coffee cups)
  • metal cans, like pop cans
  • glass containers,like juice containers
  • plastic bottles,tubs and jugs


You will also notice bins around our greenhouse labelled compost. Any food waste, like apple cores or tea bags, can go into these bins. We have our very own compost pile here at the greenhouse where this waste turns into a rich compost over time.

While we will still offer some traditional ‘garbage’ bins throughout our greenhouse, we hope that the availability of recycling and compost bins will help reduce the amount going into the garbage . Much of our waste can either be composted or recycled and we hope that these bins will help us, and our customers become conscious of our waste practices. We usually ONLY have a garbage bag for each washroom—3 bags per week during our busiest time of year. For a facility that is over 40,000 square feet, we appreciate our customers helping us keep our waste down to this.