Here at Rice Road, we believe we have the best quality plants in Niagara, and stand by our products. This is why we offer a 2 year warranty on our trees, shrubs, and vines, and a growing season warranty on perennials, roses and clematis.

We also offer an extended warranty, one extra year, on trees and shrubs when you purchase our recommended ALL NATURAL root starter, Root Rescue ( 3 year warranty).

Have a plant under warranty that has passed?

We ask that you bring in the plant for our staff to look at. We will be happy to help you figure out what the problem was so that your next plant will thrive. Oftentimes the plant may have not been in its ideal location, or was given too much care and had a little too much to drink. Whatever the issue was, we will find a solution to help you choose the best plant.

If you have signed up for our customer loyalty program and used your Rice Road Customer Card when you purchased your plant, you do not need to have a receipt for your warranty. All we need from you is the plant, and a phone number OR your Rice Road Customer Card.
Our customer card does 2 things for you.

  • it collects 2% of your purchase for later redemption
  • keeps tracks of all your purchases! This makes returns and exchanges easy. Don’t remember what mulch you purchased last year? We can look it up for you through your account. You never have to keep a receipt!

If you have not signed up for our customer card, you must bring in a receipt with the plant. 

We will issue you a store credit for the full amount paid, which can be used towards anything in store, at anytime.

Please note that sale items will be issued a store credit for the sale price. We are unable to offer a warranty on items sold at our end-of-year clearance sales or weekly sales.

So if you have a plant that has died within our warranty, do not hesitate to come in for your store credit. If you have a plant that doesn’t look its best, please bring in a photo or email it to us. We have expert staff who can provide you with advice.

Email photos to 
Along with the photo, please provide us with the following information:

  1. How long the plant has been planted. Was it planted this season, or is it a few years in the ground?
  2. Where is it located? Does it get full afternoon sun, or some shade? Is it in a windy location, or a protected one?

Not only do we have the best selection of trees, shrubs, edibles, and perennials in Niagara, we also have a GREAT warranty!