Root Rescue began a grant-in-aid research program with the University of Guelph in the spring of 2009. The Transplanter MS-CS efficacy trials were conducted and supervised under a research authorization issued by the CFIA. The trial data showed that Transplanter MS-CS improves the Water Potential of treated plants – reducing stress, and allowing plants to successfully establish on a new site.

Study PictureThe proof is in the pudding. Here is a photo showing the difference between a treated and untreated Maple.

To see the full article about the University of Guelphs research click here.

What is Root Rescue?

Root Rescue’s products are all natural, organic, effective, and safe to use. Pet and Kid safe, it’s a worry-free way to make your yard a better place for your plants – and your family too.
Not only is it organic, it is also HOMEGROWN in Waterdown,Ontario! 


Root Rescue products put life back into the soil; restoring and nurturing the natural beneficial soil organisms that plants rely on to find water and nutrients. A healthy soil environment supports plants naturally; reducing or eliminating the need for synthetic fertilizers or chemicals. Use Root Rescue’s Transplanter MS-CS when you plant new landscape plants. Give them a healthy start – the beneficial soil fungi in Transplanter MS-CS will go to work immediately helping your new plants, and they will stay with your new plant for life. Once and Done.

Transplanter MS-CS contains 18 different essential species of beneficial mycorrhizae that help plant roots; one or more of these amazing microbes will help almost every tree, shrub, evergreen or perennial in your garden. Read the label – there are literally millions of dormant spores of mycorrhizae in just a gram of Transplanter MS-CS. Almost every landscape plant has its favorite mycorrhizal partner (or partners); for a complete list of who’s who – please click here.

Transplanter MS-CS is easy to use. Just mix a teaspoon of our highly concentrated powder into a full 7.5 litre (2-gallon) watering can and thoroughly soak the roots and new soil around your new plant – you’re done. It can also be used the same way, on already planted plants showing signs of stress.

Check out one of the Ontario developers of Root Rescue, Bob, on CH Morning giving some information on this great product. All information was taken from Rootrescue‘s website. See their website for the proven research on this product, and more about how it works.