grassEveryone wants Pampas Grass, or do they? The tall grasses seen around town with fluffy plumes in late summer are not the true Pampas Grass (Cotaderia selloana) but a selection of Miscanthus sinensis. M. Sinensis or Silver Grass is a group of hardy, clump forming (non-invasive) grasses which bear tall plumes from late summer through fall and into winter. There are dozens of selections but among the nicest are M. sin. “Zebrinus” (Zebra Grass) which sports horizontal bands of gold across the green leaves, M. sin. “Gracillimus” (Maiden Grass) which is finely textured foliage and the early blooming M. sin. “Grosse Fontaine” with its pinkish plumes. These will all grow six feet or more. M. sin. “Yuka Jima” is perfect for smaller landscapes growing to about 4 feet while M. sin. “Puenktchen” has the same stripes as Zebra grass but at half the size. Since true Pampas grass rarely survives Niagara winters, Miscanthus sinensis is the grass to grow.