dichelostemmaidamaiaFor those who want something different, these five bulbs are definitely not ordinary. Start them indoors now in ordinary potting soil, or plant outside in mid-May. The aptly named Firecracker flower (Dichelostemma) is a relatively unknown but easy to grow bulb. Dazzling red flowers are produced all summer on 18″ stems. Another rare red flower, the Blood Lily (Scadoxus) produces Allium-like blooms. Try these in pots and treat like you would Amaryllis. Amaryllis ‘Belladonna’ grows rosy-pink, fragrant blooms on 24″ stems. This true amaryllis is reportedly hardy as far north as Quebec, so definitely worth a try in Niagara. Curcuma alismatifolia is an exotic bulb from Asia. Its brilliant dark pink flowers thrive in our hot, humid summers. As a cut flower it adds a tropical touch to arrangements. Finally Dracunculus vulgaris (Dracula Plant) is a highly unusual species from the Mediterranean. It produces a large deep red spathe up to three feet.