stopping cloudy pond waterYou can prevent cloudy water in your pond by first understanding the causes. Here are 12 causes for cloudy water and solutions.

  1. Control single cell algae that appears as water warms.
  2. Prevent soil from washing in from surrounding gardens.
  3. You may have the wrong soil in your aquatic plant pots. It should be a heavy clay mix.
  4. Use washed pea gravel on top of pots.
  5. Large amounts of bottom waste stirred up by pump or fish needs to be removed by hand or sludge- buster bacteria.
  6. Increase size of the pre-filter on your pump so it collects more debris.
  7. Use a new solids handling pump that removes up to 3/8” inch solids and deposits 90% of bottom waste in an external Bio-Filter. Fish can be the cause in several ways.
  8. If they are from the carp family – muckers.
  9. Too many fish stirring up bottom and producing lots of waste to food algae.
  10. Overfeeding fish or using bad food that fish will waste.
  11. Rain and tap water contain minerals that feed algae.
  12. Not cleaning pond of dead leaves or annual plants in fall that die over winter.

If you have any questions about your pond, plants or fish, stop in and see us at Rice Road Greenhouses.