summer plantingThe May long weekend has come and gone so the gardening season is over right? WRONG! Here are five reasons to plant in summer.

  1. Quality garden centres are at their best during the summer months. Plants are flush with foliage so this is the time for subjective shopping.
  2. The inventory void left by the May rush is filled by new crops. The plants you couldn’t get in May are available now. We’ll also special order plants that are not in stock.
  3. Contrary to popular belief summer is an excellent time to plant. Containerized plants can be planted anytime, providing they are properly watered.
  4. June is Perennial Gardening Month and perennial growers have lots of exiting new introductions for your garden.
  5. Established plantings have filled out, revealing bare spots in need of that special perennial or shrub you’ve been waiting to buy.

If five reasons aren’t enough we have 2000 more (varieties of plants that is).