We often get questions on how to water a newly planted tree, or one that shows sign of drought stress.

Did you know?

Newly planted trees can take up to two years to establish their root system. The first season that you plant, watering is crucial. To prevent damage, you should give your plant a deep watering during hot, dry periods. The idea is to water the plant slowly to allow the water to flow deep down into the root systems. Short, frequent watering periods only promote shallow roots and can make a tree more susceptible to drought damage.

How much water?

A general rule of thumb is to give a tree 10 gallons of water per every inch of trunk diameter (measure the trunk around knee-height). You can use a soaker hose and coil it several times around the tree to its drip line, or you can manually water with a hose. If you choose to manually water, we recommend using a hose end with a soft spray. It will take approximately 5 minutes to get 10 gallons of water, at medium pressure.

    As an example:

    • your tree has a 2″ diameter
    • this tree requires 20 gallons of water
    • at a medium pressure it takes about 5 minutes to achieve 10 gallons of water
    • a deep watering of this tree would only take 10 minutes

    To make watering even easier, we now carry the Treegator!treegator picture

    • Ideal for newly planted shade or street trees
    • Reduces transplant and drought shock
    • 100% water absorption with no run-off.
    • Install and fill in minutes with no tools required
    • Deep water saturation with every fill
    • Fill just 1 to 2 times per week, or as needed
    • Promotes deep root growth
    • Non-invasive design will not harm existing landscape.
    • Can be used with nutrient / chemical additives
    • Zip multiple bags together to accomodate large trees.
    • Made in the U.S.A. with a 5-year limited warranty


    We also recommend that you use a transplant fertilizer when planting new trees.
    We carry synthetic and natural transplanting fertilizer for new trees, and also fertilizer for well established trees.