plant your ownAll of our seeds have come in waiting on the racks for you. It’s a very easy process to plant your seeds and grow your own plants. Whether its flowers or vegetables. It’s also cost effective for you. Here’s an easy step by step process from Jerry Moes:

  1. Buy your preferred seeds, along with our soil and containers that help keep the moisture in.
  2. Determine when to seed, some can be seeded now while other varieties need to be seeded later. Ask us if you’re not sure.
  3. Place seeds on the soil or just under the surface.
  4. Water lightly with a fine nozzle or mist bottle (you don’t want to wash out the seeds).
  5. Most important is lighting. If using grow lights, they must be 8″ from plants, that’s why I prefer a window. It’s natural and leaves you enough room to work with plants (seedlings will stretch if not enough light!).
  6. Seedlings must remain moist at all times until they have emerged from soil. Using our trays with their plastic lids will act like a terrarium for better growing conditions.
  7. Once the seedling has grown its true leaves (usually the second set of leaves) you may start to fertilize with a water soluble fertilizer very lightly.
  8. Transplant seedlings before they stretch or crowd each other. We carry many different inexpensive grower pots or transplant in some of your own pots at home (Don’t plant in any oversized or dirty pots).
  9. Make sure they are spaced enough and when ready to put outside, make sure it is not too cold and don’t place young plants in hot direct sun until a day or 2 of cloudy weather. They need to be slowly introduced to the sun to prevent burning.