yogurt for your pondThere is good and bad bacteria everywhere. Many forms of beneficial bacteria break down waste. We put bacteria in compost piles and septic tanks. We eat yogurt! Bacteria is present in healthy lakes and ponds. It must live in our pond to create a natural balanced ecosystem. Beneficial bacteria removes algae. Without it, we are leaving out an extremely important part of the ecosystem. We must add beneficial bacteria and trace elements regularly because they die off and get eaten by the fish. We don’t have a natural stream as a constant supply. A biofilter houses billions of bacteria protected from the fish. Beneficial bacteria is the “Bio” in the biofilter. Otherwise it is just a mechanical filter removing solids but not cleansing the water of pollutants. Bacteria is the bottom of the food chain. It breaks down the waste, turning into harmless gasses. Consider bacteria to be “waste management” or “pollution control”. It is like “yogurt in your pond”. If your pond has a heavy layer of waste on the bottom, add Bacta-Pur, Nutripak and Sludgebusters to remove it. If the pond bottom is relatively clean, add Nutripak and the maintenance bacteria Bacta Pur Klear. Always add water conditioner or neutralizer when adding tap water or you will kill the good bacteria that keeps our pond healthy and clear.