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2020-09-23T15:23:02-04:00Categories: News|

9/23 - There's been some questions regarding the differences between Delivery and Shipping from our store, so we've updated our Shipping/Delivery FAQ and our Policies pages to go into greater detail.

It’s (Unfortunately) Japanese Beetle Season Again

2020-07-13T13:17:49-04:00Categories: Advice, Featured, Niagara Garden, Summer|

These horrible creatures are back in action in Niagara, and they've brought their voracious appetites. A blight upon most gardens, there are few ways to stop Japanese Beetles in their tracks, but one can still put a dent in their numbers!

NEW: Emails being sent about completed orders

2020-06-24T12:32:59-04:00Categories: Summer|

We tried closing out a few hundred old, completed and outstanding orders today, which caused a flood of "order completed" emails to go out! No new charges would've gone through, but please click to read more. Thank you!

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