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2020-08-05T17:10:37-04:00Categories: News|

Shipping options seem to be acting up, and not switching over to Shipping from the default of free local Pickup. We've tried updating the buttons so that they'll work easier, however if this happens to you, please try clearing your web browser's cache, or a different web browser, before trying again. If the issue keeps happening, please contact us!

It’s (Unfortunately) Japanese Beetle Season Again

2020-07-13T13:17:49-04:00Categories: Advice, Featured, Niagara Garden, Summer|

These horrible creatures are back in action in Niagara, and they've brought their voracious appetites. A blight upon most gardens, there are few ways to stop Japanese Beetles in their tracks, but one can still put a dent in their numbers!

NEW: Emails being sent about completed orders

2020-06-24T12:32:59-04:00Categories: Summer|

We tried closing out a few hundred old, completed and outstanding orders today, which caused a flood of "order completed" emails to go out! No new charges would've gone through, but please click to read more. Thank you!

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