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Sabal Palmetto

2018-11-27T23:43:48-05:00Categories: Hardy Tropicals|

Sabal Palmetto Native to the subtropical Gulf coast/south Atlantic coast of the USA, the Sabal Palmetto is also known as the Cabbage Palm. It's been reported that this palm has survived temperatures lower than -13º C with winter protection. Unlike the Sabal Minor, the Sabal Palmetto grows a trunk that is covered in dead leaf bases called bootjacks that [...]

Sabal Minor

2018-11-27T23:43:48-05:00Categories: Hardy Tropicals|

Sabal Minor Also known as Dwarf Palmetto, the Sabal Minor is native to the southern United States. Although it prefers a humid atmosphere, this species is tolerant of arid atmospheres as long as it is frequently watered. It rarely grows a trunk and looks more like a shrub as it grows. These specimens look great planted beneath trunking [...]

Trachycarpus Wagnerianus

2018-11-27T23:43:48-05:00Categories: Hardy Tropicals|

Trachycarpus Wagnerianus Similar in look to the traditional Windmill Palm, the Dwarf Chusan Palm is known to be even hardier. This palm is native to high-altitude areas of Japan and Korea. It is tolerant of summer heat and humidity as well as extreme winter cold, down to -20º C with winter protection. This makes it by far [...]

Butia Capitata

2019-03-26T15:43:37-04:00Categories: Hardy Tropicals|

Butia Capitata Known as the Pindo Palm, this single-trunked palm is easily recognized by its rounded canopy of blue-grey fronds and heavy trunk. The trunk is covered in old leaves, creating a very distinctive thick base for the graceful fronds. Large, showy clusters of orange-yellow edible fruits are produced and are often used to make jams or [...]

Trachycarpus Fortuneii

2018-11-27T23:43:48-05:00Categories: Hardy Tropicals|

Trachycarpus Fortuneii The Windmill Palm is native to central China, Burma and northern India. Since it grows in higher altitudes (up to 7,874 ft in the mountains of southern China) it is used to cool, moist summers and cold winters. In our climate, it can take -18º C, provided that it is properly protected in the winter. The erect trunk of the Windmill [...]

Rhapidophyllum Hystrix

2018-11-27T23:43:48-05:00Categories: Hardy Tropicals|

Rhapidophyllum hystrix Needle Palms are native to wet woodlands, slopes, ravines and stream bottom-land areas in the Southeastern U.S. They get their name from the long, needle-like, black spines that project from the leaf sheaths. Since they are nearly trunkless, Needle Palms are most often described as shrub-like. Several stems grow from a single base. These stems grow very slowly [...]

Nannorrhops Ritchiana

2018-11-27T23:43:48-05:00Categories: Hardy Tropicals|

Nannorrhops ritchiana Native to the dry mountainous terrains of Afghanistan and surrounding areas the Mazari Palm grows best in a hot sunny location with good drainage. Rare even in its native area this shrub like palm has fantastic blue tinged fan leaves. This palm does not like to be in wet locations so one must [...]

Chamaerops humilis

2018-11-27T23:43:49-05:00Categories: Hardy Tropicals|

Chamaerops humilis Native to Europe they are also known as European Fan Palms or Mediterranean Fan Palms. Extremely durable they do well in a sunny location and require less water than other palms. They form clumps and send out small “pups” that become part of a palm grouping that can be used effectively as a [...]

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