Root Rescue to Rescue Your Landscape Plants!

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Last year we experienced a terrible drought that affected trees, shrubs and perennials. Plan ahead for this summer and use our natural based Root Rescue to help develop roots, and improve their tolerance to drought stress.

Customer Loyalty Program

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Our customers keep us invigorated from season to season, and we like to thank them for shopping with us. Get the moost out of your shopping experience with our customer card program, where you collect points for every purchase made! These points can then be redeemed towards any goods* in-store. The best part, it's FREE!

Rare Perennials

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Here are some specimens that we have collected that you can add to your garden, that you may not find anywhere else. Common Name Latin Bastered Balm Melittis Melissophyllum Hairlipped Fern Cheilanthes Lanosa Himalayan Blue Poppy Meconopsis Betonicifolia Indian Pink Spigelia Marilandica Tall Verbena Verbena Bonariensis Voodoo Lily Dracunculus Vulgaris  


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Great for filling in gardens or for creating low maintenance areas beneath trees, these plants will thrive in our climate. Common Name Latin Name Barren Strawberry Waldsteinia  Blue Lead Wort Ceratostigma Plumbaginoides Blue Star Creeper Isotoma Fluviatilis 'Blue Star' Pratia Pedunculata 'County Park' Bugle Weed Ajuga 'Black Scallop' Ajuga Reptans 'Burgundy Glow' Ajuga X Tenorii [...]

Rock Gardens

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If you are looking for some hardy additions to add to your existing rock garden, or wish to create a rock garden, here is what we recommend to use. Common Name Latin Alyssum Alyssum Berggold 'Mountain Gold' Alyssum Saxatile Compactum Candy Tuft Iberis 'Purity' Iberis 'Snowflake'   Edelweiss  Leontopodium   Leontopodium Splinum  English Daisy Bellis 'Galaxy [...]


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Here is a list of our most popular garden ferns, available in our perennial section. Common Name Latin Autumn brilliance Dryopteris Erythrosora 'Brilliance' Christmas Polystichim Acrostichoides Cinnamon Osmunda Cinnamomea Hearts Tough Phyllitis Scolopendrium Japanese Painted Athyrium Niponicum 'Metallicum' Athyrium Niponicum 'Godzilla' Athyrium Niponicum 'Regal Red' Lady  Athyrium Filix-Femina Athyrium Filix-Femina 'Lady in Red' Maiden Hair  [...]

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