What’s the difference between Shipping and Delivery?

When you choose products for delivery, it’s us here at Rice Road Greenhouses which will be bringing your order to you. Usually, it’s most of our Bulk products that are delivered, and we use our trucks to get the product from our Bulk Yard, to the place you designate.

When shipping something, the products/packages are packaged up by us, then handed off to our third-party shipping partners (Example: FedEx, Canada Post…etc) who then get the products to where they need to be.

I made an online order, when can I expect to receive it?

We ship packages out every Tuesday. Orders must be in by noon on Monday to be included with that week’s shipment. If your order comes in after noon on Monday, then it’ll be shipped out the following Tuesday, where regular shipping times will apply.

How do you package orders for shipping?

We choose appropriate-sized boxes, then pack the plants and other items using packing “paper nuts”, a recycled paper equivalent to packing “peanuts” (and/or with bubble-wrap depending on fragility), then the box is taped up, labeled as containing live plants, then handed off to our shipping partners.

My plant was damaged when it arrived!

We make every effort to package our plants and products as carefully as possible, and our shipping partners do their utmost to keep packages safe, but once a package is out of our hands, and in the hands of the shippers, we cannot guarantee the state/condition they might arrive in.

If something does happen to your plant during transit, please email us at info@millionplants.com with a photo of the plant’s condition after it arrived, and we’ll see what might be possible. (Please take the photo and email us as soon as possible after the product arrives!)

I tried to make an order to be shipped, but I received an error saying that “There are no shipping options available”?

This error appears when trying to ship products that aren’t eligible to be shipped. Anything from our Bulk Yard, large plants, or anything that would be heavy (1.5kg or over),  bulky or unwieldy (or really, far too expensive to ship) can only be picked up at our store, or delivered locally to you. If your order contains anything large like that, try removing the large/heavy items and trying again.