Are you pet-friendly?

Absolutely! We welcome shoppers and their furry companions so long as they’re leashed and on good behaviour. We do have two Shop Cats (Gerri and Kyle) who will do their best to avoid any canine companions, but if your dogs are cat-aggressive, please take extra care to ensure that you are in full control during your visit.

Do you price-match?

As a smaller, family-run greenhouse, we already keep our prices as low as possible, and so cannot price-match what other greenhouses/nurseries or Big Box stores might offer.

Do you carry Neem Oil?

No. Neem Oil isn’t legal to be sold as a pesticide in Ontario.

Do you take cash?

We can, though we would absolutely prefer if folks could pay using contactless payment methods like credit, or debit cards.

Is the store/greenhouse open?

Yes! We’re now open to the public every day except for Sundays. Any major changes to hours will be announced on our site here, as well as on our Social Media pages.

Something isn’t working! I’m not seeing the right price/shipping, or I’m seeing errors!

There are a lot of things happening in the backend, and sometimes changes might not update “locally” (ie, on your computer, tablet or phone) immediately. If something odd happens, please try the following:

  1. Please try using the Google Chrome browser, and open up a new Incognito Window and try again. What Incognito does is clear out any saved/”cached” information that browsers may hold on to, preventing them from seeing the newest changes/information. If you can’t use Chrome, another option would be to Clear your specific Browser’s Cache directly.
  2. If the issue still happens, please email us at with the following:
  • A description of what you were doing when the issue happened. If you were checking out a specific item, please include a link to the product in your email.
  • Your browser information (The easiest way is to just visit and copy/paste the link the site provides at the top in the email)
  • If the issue is related to Shipping or pickup charges, please include your Postal Code

Thank you!

Are your phone lines down?

Unless something happens (power outage..etc), our phones are up and running during business hours! If you can’t get through when calling in, it’s because all of our lines are currently busy. Please keep trying, and there is also the option to email us, or use our Contact Us page.

Why is there only PayPal on the Online store?

To accept credit cards online, stores like ours need a Payment Processor to help take payments from customers, and then deliver the payments to our accounts. Right now, PayPal is the only option – but no need to worry! You don’t have to have a PayPal account at all. When you checkout, and are brought over to PayPal, at the bottom  you can choose to pay with your credit card. PayPal may ask if you agree to their Terms, but that’s a normal enough thing. If you’re not comfortable with having PayPal in the picture at all, please give us a call and we can take your credit card information over the phone.  We’re working on adding other options as well!

PayPal keeps giving me a “try again” error when I try to pay. What gives?

We’ve been going over our transactions whenever anyone mentions that error, and each time, other orders are going through without any trouble. This means that the issue could be local (there’s something going on with a web browser, or an extension that’s installed), it could be a PayPal-specific error, or it could be that there’s something going on at the bank/credit card-issuer’s end.

If this error crops up for you, please try the following:

  1.  Give a different web browser a try (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)
  2.  Call up your bank, and ask to speak with their Fraud Department. Explain that you’re trying to use your card on an online store which uses PayPal to take credit card info.

To explain: Being able to go through PayPal for separate credit card payments is relatively new, and if you’ve never paid for an order using this method before, the credit card/bank might be locking things down for fear of fraud. Usually it just takes a quick call and confirmation that the attempt was legitimate for the order to go through successfully the next time it’s attempted.

How does Pickup work?

Once your order is paid, please give us until noon the following day (Sundays excluded) so we can get everything ready for you.  We’ll put your order together, and for the non-bulk items, they’ll be inside by our Customer Service desk.  If you’d rather avoid coming in the building, please give us a call (905-892-5832), and we’ll bring your package out to you.

For Bulk items, drive up to our Bulk Area and let the guys know what you’re there for. If possible, give them your name and order number, and they’ll confirm the order and help you get your product.

What if I can’t pick up my order?

Call us and let us know! Some plants, like rare hoyas and monstera, enjoy being in warm, humid environments, so whenever possible we want to keep those plants in their heated/humidity-controlled tent as long as possible, so we when they’re not going to be picked up right away, we can put the plants back temporarily so they can enjoy those conditions for a bit longer.

What if I didn’t get my order email/order number?

Please be sure to check your email provider’s junk mail/spam folder, since email providers may flag our emails as “spam” incorrectly. To help give emails their best chance to appear, please be sure to add * to your Address Book. If your order confirmation email is still nowhere to be found, please contact us, and let us know your first and last name, date of your order, the order total, and a brief description of what you bought.

What if I’m looking for something that isn’t on the Online Store?

Email us at, or use our Contact Us page! It never hurts to ask, and if we do have what you want/need in stock, we can help put an order together for you.