Many moons ago we began carrying hardy tropicals and we can now boast that we have the BEST selection in the Niagara Region.

Being Niagara’s largest garden centre has it perks as it allows us the freedom to bring in great shipments of specialty plants,especially hardy tropicals. Look under our hardy tropicals product page and you will see just a selection of many unusual and rare plants for your garden.

Here is a little teaser of two of our most popular hardy tropicals; Trachycarpus Fortunei and Musa Basjoo

Trachycarpus FortuneiWindmill Palm Frond
Also known as the Windmill Palm this extremely hardy palm has fan shaped fronds displayed on a graceful trunk. These fronds can grow up to three feet wide and can create a crown up to 8ft wide. Not only are its fronds unusual its trunk is covered in grey/black fibres. Being one of the hardiest palms out there, it can tolerate -10F, it is a great beginner hardy tropical. Plant outside near a pool with some hardy cacti and you’ll feel like you are in the tropics. A lesser known fact about these palms is that they were often used in traditional Victorian era landscapes in Southern Britain.



Musa BasjooBusa Basjoo
Native to Japan Musa Basjoo has proven itself as the hardiest of bananas. Many people know them as Japanese Fibre Banana since the plant was used to make fabric.But don’t be mistaken by its name as this banana will not produce edible bananas.What Musa Basjoo does have in its favour is its ornamental foliage. Bright green leaves are paddle like and grow 2′ wide and 6′ long! With proper care and good soil they will grow from 1′ seedlings in May to 10′ trees in August. You cannot beat the tropical aura this plant brings to your garden.