Rice Road Greenhouses is animal-friendly, and we have two of our own on the “roster”: Gerri/Jerry and Kyle the shopcats!

This little lady came to us as a feral stray, and to try and endear herself to the Owners, we called her “Jerry” (before we know that she was a girl!). We call her Gerri nowadays, and she’s absolutely friendly to everyone except for mice, birds, chipmunks, and her fellow shopcat, Kyle. She’s oftentimes found sleeping on her bed at the Customer Service desk, napping on hay bales, or cruising around waiting for pets and treats!

Like Gerri, Kyle came to us as a feral – and he was a proper feral cat for most of the time we knew him! He’d avoid humans if at all possible, and would rarely approach anyone. Ever since Covid, Kyle has mellowed out tremendously, and has become a bit of a cuddle-bug! If you see him lounging around the shop, crouch down and offer him your fist – Kyle loves fist-bumps, and will usually come over for a pet. Watch out for his hind-quarters, though! While he loves being pet around the head and neck, you might be swatted-at if you get to close to his nether regions.

Kyle the cat tolerates everything at Rice Road Greenhouses