Four New Featured Soil Products:

  • Top Dressing Mix
  • Blueberry and Hydrangea Mix
  • Clay Buster Mix
  • Container Gardening Mix

Top Dressing Mix
This product is great for developing a more lush lawn. Apply now to re-energize your yard.

Blueberry and Hydrangea Mix
Use this product to lower PH levels in your soil. This is formulated to work particularly well with blueberry bushes and hydrangeas.

Clay Buster Mix
Any Niagara gardener knows how much clay we have in the region. This product is formulated to work its way into the clay and break it up.

Container Gardening Mix
One of the fastest growing areas in our industry is container gardening. With so many great planters and gardeners converting interesting items into pots and of course the thousands of wonderful plants available and the flexibility of going outdoors or indoors – it’s no wonder. This mix is formulated to provide a great and versatile soil product to get your containers started.