Our Customer Card gives you the MOOST!

Why the Moose?

Previously at Rice Road and Broadway Gardens, the Moes family would give out Moosebucks for every purchase. If you have ever wondered why Moosebucks, and all the mooses surrounding the Moes family, the reason is quite simple. Jerry and Rob’s mother and father, moved from Holland to Canada, and eventually created Broadway Gardens. In the Dutch community Moes is pronounced moose, and it is simple as that.

How our Card Works

We are always trying to find ways to help with our carbon footprint, and printing thousands of Moosebucks seemed to be wasteful. We now offer this same collection, on a convenient customer card, with added benefits!

  • You collect 2% of your purchase, which is later redeemed for dollars off and goods* on in-store purchases. *You can use your points towards everything in-store except gift-cards. 
  • For every $50 spent, you have a dollar off future purchases. You can redeem full dollar values at any time, points never expire.
  • Never keep a receipt again! We offer warranties on our trees, shrubs and perennials. For more about our warranties click here. If you use your customer card on your purchase, we can track your warranty, so you don’t have to worry about keeping a hold of your receipt. Don’t remember what mulch you purchased last year? We can check your card for you.
  • Specials and raffles for customer card holders only


Ask your cashier on how to sign-up for our customer card in-store.