Need a little inspiration for your fall garden? Here are our 5 top picks of plants that will look amazing in fall.

Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming walking into a garden centre and imagining a garden that looks amazing from spring to fall. Although there are many amazing plants that look their best during the fall we will tell you about 5 of our top picks.

Dwarf Burning Bush

Burning Bush

burning bush fruitEuonymus alatus ‘Compactus’does well in full sun to partial shade. Many people pass by this shrub in the nursery during summer as it has green leaves but when fall comes this simplistic shrub turns fabulous. The leaves change from green to a bright vibrant red giving its common name, the burning bush,in fall Without pruning this shrub can grow 5-6′ tall and 5-6′ wide but is quite comfortable with being pruned to stay at a height of about 3′. Another added feature are the berries it produces along the branches.Little clusters of bright pink balls form which open to reveal bright orange berries that last well into winter.

Berry Heavy Winterberry

berry heavy winterberry

Ilex verticillata ‘Spravy’ ,Berry Heavy Winterberry produces copious amounts of bright red berries to be enjoyed in fall and winter. If you think this looks like a holly you would be correct; this newer variety produces mass amounts of berries along its sturdy stems and is a great choice to use in fall and winter cutting arrangements. Make sure you plant a male pollinator, like Jim Dandy, to pollinate this holly. Berries are produced during the fall amongst dark green glossy leaves, the leaves will drop as fall goes on but the berries persist throughout winter. Give this holly plenty of space as it gets 6′ tall by 5′ wide.

Blue Muffin Viburnum

blue muffin viburnum
Many viburnum leaves turn varying shades of autumn colors in the fall but our choice is Blue Muffin due to the bright blue berries that the birds love! Another pro to this shrub is that it looks great in spring with its large white blooms atop stems covered in dark green glossy leaves. The flowers will fade and in their place bright blue berries will form in late summer/fall. Easy to grow, with little or no maintenance,this shrub is highly adaptable and will grow in most soils in sun or partial shade. Leaves turn fantastic shades of orange, yellow and red in fall. This handsome shrub reaches 6′ tall and 5′ wide.

Aster-Wood’s Series


While many of us are familiar with garden chrysanthemums for bright colored blooms in the fall garden Asters are an amazing pick due to their saturated brightly colored blooms.  We find that the Wood’s series of Asters offers longevity in its bloom timeand its mounding habit allows it to be put pretty much anywhere in the garden;it only gets 1 1/2′ tall by 2′ wide. Available in shades of pink, blue, and purple the Wood’s series is mildew resistant and has a root system that helps with erosion control.Plant amongst Coral bells(try Fire Alarm),Bergenia, Black Eyed Susan, Echinecea(the Pow Wow series offers great colors)  and Creeping Phlox for a garden that looks great from spring to fall.

Crocus Specious Albus

Crocus albus
While it only reaches a height of 4″ we love how the stark white petals and bright yellow stamens stand out amongst the falling leaves. While most flowers will be winding down this fall blooming crocus will be emerging from the dirt;
it gives us the warm and fuzzies just thinking about the hopes of next spring.



Hopefully one of these have tickled your fancy and gave you a little inspiration to get you into your garden this fall.
“Autumn…the year’s last, loveliest smile.”
-William Cullen Byrant