We are your one stop bird feeding store. With a great selection of feeders, seed, suet and more we can help you create an oasis for your backyard birds.

We have an assortment of  top quality feeders on-site available in a broad price range. Working with our suppliers and  with our customers valuable feedback we only stock feeders that are proven to work. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the best feeder to accommodate the birds you want to see in your yard. Here is a tiny sample of some of our seed feeders.

ultimate feeder line
Heavy Duty Color
seed and peanut

We also offer a range of suet feeders and suet feed. All of our suet is made here in Ontario with high grade beef kidney suet. You will see the difference high quality suet makes when you offer it to your birds – all of our customers tell us how their birds can’t get enough of our suet and that they see birds they have never seen before in their yard after placing it out.

bluebird suet
woodpecker suet

With 18 kinds of seed available in large bags or sold by weight in bulk we carry seeds for every Ontario bird. Our supplier is located in Hagersville Ontario which allows us to bring in our seed frequently. You can be sure that our products are fresh whenever you stop by. Proudly Canadian our supplier offers us premium seed mixes at competitive prices. Ask our staff to help you choose the right seed for your feeders.

Bulk Seeds

Stop on in and see our amazing selection of feeders, houses, seeds and accessories.Whether you’re an avid bird enthusiast or new to feeding we have everything you need.