October 16th – Later starts on Saturdays

Days are getting shorter, and so the Greenhouse is going to start opening up at 9am instead of at 8am on Saturdays. We’re still open until 5pm on Saturdays, and our weekday hours are unchanged (8am – 6pm, Monday through Friday).

Thanks to everyone for their understanding!

October 5 – The Moes Brothers on Vacation and Store Closure for Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again! Jerry and Rob are on a break from the Greenhouse, and will be unavailable until December 1st. Steve and JR will still be around at various times during the week, and all of us will do our best to fill in for the old fellers!

If you are, or have been trying to get in contact with either Jerry or Rob, please note that they will not be able to answer emails, or phone calls while they are away. Should you have any questions which need answering before December, please send your requests to info@millionplants.com and we’ll do our best to answer. JR and Steve are also still available, and are on-hand at various points during the week to help out as well.

Also, we will be closed this upcoming Monday, October 12th, for Thanksgiving! This means that we won’t be able to ship orders out on that day, but we will be open again on Tuesday, October 13th at 8am, and we’ll resume working to get everything shipped out.

October 3 – Clarification on Family Emergencies from Earlier in the Week, and potential for further Shipping Delays

There’s been some false assumptions going about regarding the emergencies which happened earlier in the week, with some assuming that they had to do with Covid or infections. Please don’t worry! The first emergency which affected our tech person had been that they had been hit the head with a pole and had to go home early to take care of a giant goose-egg which developed, and the member of the Shipping Department’s pet was hit by a car, and had to have amputation surgery.

Please rest assured that should there be any sort of Covid-related emergency or issues or anything like that, we would post about it clearly on the site, and our store would be closed for cleaning/disinfection as required.

All is well on that regard, so please don’t worry!

September 29 – Unexpected Shipping Delays due to Unexpected Family Emergencies

Emergencies have cropped up which affected both our Shipping Department, and our customer support/tech/label-buying person, which caused us to have to leave work early. We weren’t able to ship out all of the packages we wanted to today, so we’ll be back tomorrow to finish off what we couldn’t get out today. Thank you to everyone for your understanding.

September 23 – Updates and clarification to our Shipping/Delivery Policies and FAQ

We’ve updated our Shipping Policies/FAQ to include more information about Deliveries – how Deliveries that we make are exempt from the $30 flat-rate shipping, and regarding where we can dump bulk product, and when one can expect bulk items to be delivered. More can be learned here and here.

September 12 – Slight changes to wording during Checkout

We’ve updated the wording on the “Free Local Pickup” option during checkout to mention that it can also be used for PlantRunz and for those folks who are putting in additional orders, but have already paid this week for shipping. If you’re going with PlantRunz, please still be sure to mention PlantRunz in your order notes. If putting through an additional order, please include your original order’s number in the order notes. Thank you!

September 12 – Spring bulbs are in and our Fall Perennial/Nursery Sale is on!

We’ve received the first part of our Spring Bulb shipment, and so have been contacting customers who pre-ordered to let them know that their orders are ready. Some bulbs (flower and garlic) are on backorder, so if you pre-ordered, but didn’t receive an email, do not worry! We’ve set aside partial orders, and will be letting folks know once we can fulfill the entire order at once. That being said, if you’ve pre-ordered, and would like to pick up what’s available right now, just let us know at sales@millionplants.com, and we’ll get things set up for you.

In other news, our Fall sale is on! Nursery stock is on deep discount (25%), while current/old stock Perennials are 20% off. All new items (marked with blue) are 15% off. We’ll be adding a few new Perennials every once in a while, but the bulk will be exclusive to in-store shoppers.

September 2 – Perennials Have Been Temporarily Removed from the Online Store

Since the season is winding down, and our Perennial section is being redone, we’ve decided to temporarily take them all off of the Online Store for the time being and will be adding a select few back in a few day’s time. Our Perennial section is still live and jumping at our physical store, so if you’re in the area, come pay us a visit!

That being said, if you’re looking for a particular Perennial, please don’t hesitate to email us at info@millionplants.com and we’ll check on availability for you.

September 2 – Closed for Labour Day

We’ll be taking Monday, September 7th off to spend time with friends and family, and we hope that you’ll have a fantastic weekend as well! Please note that since we’ll be closed for the holiday:

  • We will be shipping out orders on Tuesday. Depending on the number of packages, we may need to extend our shipping to include Wednesday as well (we’ll keep customers posted!)
  • Emails and phone messages received over the weekend/Holiday will be answered as soon as possible on Tuesday
  • Deliveries will not be available for Monday. Regular deliveries will resume on Tuesday

August – Canpar Shipping Issues – Update from Canpar!

It appears that Canpar is working on restoring access to all their systems, and they’ve explained the reason behind everything as the following:

“On 19th Aug 2020 Canpar Express was the target of a ransomware attack that impacted some of our systems. We continue to meet most customer shipping needs and we are not aware of any misuse of client information. Out of an abundance of caution we want to make our clients aware of the incident, should you be experiencing any issues.
Canpar Express takes our obligation to protect customer information seriously. Upon learning of the incident, we immediately began an investigation and engaged cybersecurity experts to assist in the process.
We have taken steps to contain and remediate the issue and are taking all necessary steps to help prevent a similar occurrences in the future.”

August 20 – Canpar shipping issues

Yesterday we started receiving reports that tracking information didn’t seem to be working for the shipments we sent out this week. I noticed that Canpar, the shipping partner that we used, was having issues with their site and left some messages, but figured that the issue was a temporary one.

Unfortunately, it appears that the issue is more wide-ranging than expected, and now their website and customer/tech support lines are completely offline.

I’ve been in contact with Shiptime, the company we use to source shipping labels through Canpar, and even they are having trouble finding out more information about what’s going on. I have a ticket open with them, and hopefully we will be able to get, and share news once it comes through.

It seems that orders are still being delivered, even though tracking information isn’t connecting/tracking – so please keep your eyes open for packages as they arrive.

In the meantime, we are keeping a close eye on the situation, and soon as we have any concrete news information about your packages, we’ll write to let everyone know.

August 13 – Changing “Order due by” for shipping dates

We’re finding that we need more time to pick, pack and notify customers about shipped orders (and any changes which need to be made to them), so we will be changing it so that orders have to be in by Friday to be eligible for the following week’s Shipment.

Our Shipping FAQ and Shipping Policies pages have been updated to reflect this.

August 12 – Pickup availability has changed

. Pickup will now be available on:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday

Thanks for everyone’s understanding!

August 10th – Sales Tax Snafu

Thanks to an eagle-eyed customer, we realized that we haven’t been charging the right amount of tax on sales! We’re updating everything as we speak, so going forward, the amounts should be right. That being said, if you make a new online order after today and you find that the sales tax charged isn’t right, please let us know by emailing sales@millionplants.com with your order number. Thanks!

August 7th – Out of Stock items are still being bought

Somehow, items that have been marked as sold out/out of stock are still allowing themselves to be able to be bought! We’re not entirely sure how/why this is happening, but to prevent this from continuing, we are working on temporarily removing any/all out of stock items from the Online Store entirely. If you don’t see something that you were looking to buy, or remember seeing, please feel free to email us and ask, and we can confirm if it’s out of stock. Thank you!

August 5th – More Shipping Wonkiness

Something seems to be going on with our Shipping options again, and this time, Shipping/Delivery doesn’t seem to want to actually be chosen when selected. We’ve updated the buttons and the app which helps the shipping options work, so if this is something that you encounter, please try again after clearing the cache on your web browser. If it continues even after that, or trying a different browser, please email us to let us know!

July 29th – Closed for the Civic Holiday

We’ll be closed August 3rd to spend time with our family and loved ones. Please enjoy the day, and we’ll see you bright and early at 8am on the 4th!

July 18 – Order Confirmation Emails Not Sending

We’ve been receiving reports that the confirmation emails for orders aren’t always being sent to, or received by customers! If you do make an order and you don’t receive an email within 10-15 minutes, please let us know by emailing info@millionplants.com or sales@millionplants.com and we’ll send you a PDF version.

JULY 15 – Bulk deliveries are available once more!

One can now order bulk products for delivery, however it appears that the July 13 Gift Card Shipping Issue was to blame for the issue itself. While the problem has been patched while we look for a more permanent fix, Gift Cards will not be able to be bought at the same time as bulk items.

If you had been hoping for a combination bulk/gift card purchase, please let us know over email (sales@millionplants.com) so we can get the order adjusted.

JULY 15 – No Shipping Options Available for Bulk Products

It seems as though odd shipping issues are now affecting products from our Bulk Yard, in that no matter what one chooses, or where one chooses to ship, one will always receive a “There are no shipping options available” message.

We’re working with our web developer to get this fixed up, and thanks for everyone’s patience.

JULY 13 – Gift Cards are back!

The weird shipping issue that had affected Gift Cards has been fixed, and cards are now available on the store once more :)

JULY 11 – Gift Cards Temporarily Removed from Store

Something odd has been going on with our Gift Cards, in that they seem to want to charge the same price as shipping for much, much heavier items, like plants. We’re working to get them back to a proper shipping rate, but in the meantime, if you’d like to order one, please send us an email at sales@millionplants.com. Thanks!

JUNE 24 – Adjustments to Pickup Times

We’ve changed things a bit so that there is now a single pickup timeslot per day, starting at 11am. Thanks!

JUNE 11 – Annuals and Vegetables are now in-store only, and have been removed from the online store entirely. We will still carry annuals and vegetable in limited quantities, but they will be for in-store purchase only.


PERENNIALS: With our Perennial section having the most items, and the greatest variety of items, I figured it was about time that they had a spot up-front among the other main menu items. This should make the menus easier to navigate, and help make things easier for everyone.

Right now, there’s two main subcategories: By Family/Type, and By Purpose.

Looking for Lavenders? Now you need only go to the Family > Lavender.

Hoping for something that can handle a lot of sun, or a lot of shade? Purposeful Perennials are the place to be.

BOUQUETS AND ARRANGEMENTS: The arrangements and bouquets crafted by our Mistress of Flowers, Marian, and her eye for gorgeous gifts have long been deserving of a larger spotlight, so her “In Bloom Floral & Gifts” have been updated as well. Over the next coming days, we’ll be working on adding and updating pages to show off her talents, and how she can help bring flowers home to you and yours!



We’ve turned things around, and added vegetables back to our Online Store. We’re going to stick with keeping plants with high stock numbers online, so we can avoid running out. Thanks for sticking with us!


A decision has been made to move all edible plants, herbs and vegetables from the online store, and make them available in-store only. Edibles move so quickly, so often that we’ve been having to refund/credit purchases more often than anyone would want. If you’re wondering if we have a specific veggie in stock, please email in to info@millionplants.com, or come in to visit us after 2pm Monday through Saturday. Thanks!


With seed-sowing season nearing its end, our stock of seeds running lower than low, and the inability to order more at this point in the year, we’ve made the decision to remove our seeds and bulbs from our Online Store. What remains in stock will still be available to folks who visit us in-store after 2pm Monday through Saturday. Thanks!


Currently, the store will be open to customers starting at 2pm daily, and will continue until close. Hours may yet change, but here’s how things look right now:

  • Monday: 2-8
  • Tuesday: 2-8
  • Wednesday: 2-8
  • Thursday: 2-8
  • Friday: 2-8
  • Saturday: 2-6
  • Sunday: Closed

Folks who have ordered online can still pickup their orders during their chosen time slot, even if it’s before 2pm… it’s just that afterwards, you won’t be able to walk through the store unless it’s after 2.

Thanks, everyone!


Please note that our Victoria Day sales are over for the year! This means that many items like our vegetables, hanging baskets and other items have gone back to their original prices.

Some items, like our succulents, and 1 Gallon Irises and other items remain on sale.

If you happen to go to buy something which showed a sale price, but noticed that the sale disappeared when you go to purchase, it would be because your computer/tablet/phone had been showing on to old, “cached” information from back before the sale had ended.

Devices and websites don’t always automatically update each time you visit, and will sometimes show older information that it saved, rather than showing current/newer info.

When this happens, try visiting the page/product or site from a different web browser or device, or try to clear your browser’s “cache”. That will clear up any saved, old information and help it show only the newest info available!


It’s been a long time coming, but we’re ready and we’re opening our doors to customers at 2pm today! We’ve spent the past few weeks getting everything together, and making things as safe as possible for everyone.

When visiting, please note that there have been some changes:

  • We’ll be limiting the number of customers who can be in at any given time
  • Everyone must have a cart to enter
  • Maximum of two people per family, per cart
  • Handle products as little as possible. Touch only what you intend to purchase
  • Follow the marked one-way paths throughout the greenhouse. Paths are marked with yellow arrows.
  • Please keep to physical distancing – stay a minimum of six feet away from staff, and other customers.
  • It is strongly recommended (and appreciated) that customers wear a mask and gloves
  • Sanitize hands before entering, and once you’ve left

Please respect our rules to keep us, and you, safe!

Please note, today’s opening time of 2pm may be for today only. We are still taking online orders daily, and depending on different factors, we may open earlier, or later each day. Please check back here, and/or our Social Media pages (Facebook, Instagram) for any changes.

May 18 – More on Sale!

Joining our current Victoria Day Sales are our Tropical, flowering Pentas, as well as our Alstroemeria – all of which are 50% off!

May 16 – Victoria Day Sales

An issue prevented our Lilac nursery stock from going on sale as it had been intended, but that’s now been corrected and the sale items can be found in the Victoria Sale section of the store. New sale items will be added through the day!

May 14 – Bulk Yard Pickups

It looks as though there might be some strangeness going on with Bulk Yard pickups since we implemented pick-up timeslots for regular/greenhouse purchases. Please rest assured that if you’re buying something from the Bulk Yard, you can drive up to our Bulk Yard during business hours and pick up your order once it’s been paid. No need to wait! You can pick up whenever you want – be it immediately after purchase, or the next day…etc.

Purchases made from the greenhouse or store will still be made available at least the day after you make your purchase, and during the time slot you chose during checkout.

May 13 – Pickups can be scheduled as early as 9am starting tomorrow!

When our Pickup Area gets busy, it gets REALLY busy – and we’ve been searching for ways to speed up the pickup process so that folks don’t have to queue for so long, and give people the freedom to pick up their orders at different times of the day.

We’ve started to implement Pickup Times – meaning that starting now, when you can choose from a range of timeslots! We’ve also set it so that only so many orders can be made every hour, to try and space out orders so that nobody is overwhelmed.

This means that if a specific time has all of its order slots filled, then that timeslot won’t appear when ordering, and you’ll be able to choose from either an earlier, or later slot.

We’re hoping that this makes things easier for everyone!

As a heads-up, this is brand new to all of us, so times, ranges and even how many orders can be made may very well change as we work things out.

May 12 – Out of Stock items are back on the site!

Our web developer was able to set it so that when products are out of stock, they can still appear in the store, except now they’ll appear at the end of the page/category/list, rather than being interspersed among the other, in-stock items.

We’re now working on bringing back the Waitlist app and option, and another update will come if/when that holds true.

In more upbeat news, we now have a bunch of new Annual Hanging Baskets in (and on sale!), as well as some fancy new plants in – including the giant (to me) Bengal Tiger Canna, the absolutely striking (and rare) Birkin philodendron, and the adorable “Mini Monstera” which comes on its own trellis!

We’ve also been hard at work creating new planters for Victoria Day, and they’re available right here and now!

May 12 – Changes to how/if items will appear based on stock

When browsing the store, you may have noticed that some items that had been online, aren’t appearing any longer!

Due to conflicts with our website, we had to disable and remove the Wait List option, which allowed folks to choose to be notified when out of stock items were restocked. Once this changed, we noticed that our product pages were cluttered with out of stock items – so much so that our actual in-stock items were much harder to find.

To help clear up space, and highlight the items we do have in stock, we set it so that any sold-out items won’t appear in the Online Store until they’re back in and available.

We’ve also set it so that any items that are low in stock display their stock numbers right on their product page.

Also, you may notice that some products will say “In Stock”, while others won’t say anything about stock numbers at all. Don’t worry! This just has to do with the different inventory settings we can choose in the store:

Saying “In Stock”: This is a product whose inventory we’re tracking manually. There may be 100 of the item, or there may be 10, so it’s not an indicator of its stock levels: Just that we’ve made sure to input the actual # of items we have in stock. When products sell out, the product sets itself that way automatically.

No mention about stock: This is for products where we’re not tracking the actual inventory levels. If it’s in stock, we set it to say that it’s in stock, when sold out, we manually change it.

We’re also looking for ways to set it so that anything out of stock will still be visible in the store, BUT won’t clutter up the Product Pages (It is, after all, better to see what we have had before, and will hopefully have again). Soon as we find a way to do this, you can expect a new News update.

If you’re looking for something in particular, and aren’t sure if it’s sold out or not, please email us at info@millionplants.com and we’ll check it out for you. Thanks!

May 7th – No changes to current walk-in policy as of May 8th

There has been a lot of talk about the new update from the Government, and how they’ve lifted the restrictions facing garden centers and nurseries – allowing such places to choose whether or not to have customers come in to their stores..

At this time, Rice Road Greenhouses will not be allowing customers to come in to the store. This was not an easy decision, but the safety of all of our staff, workers and customers are of paramount importance. We honestly cannot ensure physical distancing, nor the level of sanitizing needed to keep everyone safe, and as such cannot currently accommodate walk-ins.

As soon as this changes, we’ll be sure to update on our site and social media.

Thank you everyone!

May 4th – We’re in the News

Jerry Moes, the owner of Rice Road Greenhouses has made a couple of appearances in the Welland Tribune lately, sharing his experiences regarding plunging into the world of online selling due to COVID-19, as well as sharing concerns regarding competition who don’t have to play by the same rules, and concerns regarding social distancing.

May 4th – Updates from the Government

The Ontario Government recently updated and clarified their rules regarding businesses like ours, and it has been confirmed that we’re now officially allowed to be open for local pickup and delivery ONLY. Luckily, this is just what we, and many other greenhouses have been doing since COVID-19 struck, so we’re in good shape! While this means that folks still cannot come in to our store, we’re going to continue to offer local pickup to customers, and we’re still working to ensure that we can offer delivery and shipping for all our products.

Our phone lines are also back up and running after Saturday’s shenanigans, and we’re here and happy to help get those orders placed over email, phone and through our Online Store.

May 2


Saturday morning greeted us with a power outage, followed shortly by phone and internet issues. This caused phone calls to drop unexpectedly at worst, and poor call quality at best. We had hoped that service had been restored, but reports are coming back in that phones are being choppy, and calls are sometimes dropping.

If this happens to you, please keep on trying, try ordering online, or please send your name, phone number (just in case) and order/request to sales@millionplants.com and we’ll try to get back to you as possible.

Despite all this oddness, any bulk orders can still be picked up same-day!

All other orders will be made ready as soon as Monday.


Our web developer is still battling whatever bugs have been causing incorrect charges to show up for customers when they choose local pickup/delivery/shipping.

If you’re seeing an incorrect shipping charge, please be sure to clear out your web browser’s cache (or try using an Incognito window in Google Chrome), and try again.

If it pops up yet again, if possible, please take a screenshot of what you see, and please email it to us at info@millionplants.com, along with the link that appears when you visit whatsmybrowser.org .

Thank you all for your understanding while we work through all this!

April 29 – May 1


In a bid to try and offer flat-rate shipping for smaller items across Ontario, we are still trying to implement a new shipping system which had unforeseen consequences: Local customers were being charged large amounts, incorrectly, for shipping/pickup.

Our Web Developer is working furiously to identify where the issues are happening, and why, and resolve them for good. Any information provided by affected customers is hugely appreciated.

If you’re among those affected, and are seeing incorrect charges – please try the troubleshooting that’s listed in our FAQ Page, and email info@millionplants.com with the following:

  • What went wrong
  • How much the incorrect charge had been for
  • Which option you chose when the charge appeared (delivery, shipping, or pickup)
  • Your Postal Code

For anyone who has received an incorrect charge, please rest assured that we’re refunding any odd charges every time we spot one. If concerned that we might have missed your charge, please check your credit card statement/PayPal account, and if an incorrect charge hit when it shouldn’t have, PLEASE email us at info@millionplants.com, and include the amount you were charged, the date, and if possible, your order number.

For those of you who have already called, emailed or contacted us over Social Media – we have you down, and we’re working on refunds as quickly as we can!

April 28

Plant Finder is no more, and will eventually no longer be able to be accessed, even through bookmarks.

To explain, Plantfinder is a relic from before we had a proper, working online store, and was meant to help people see what we had/might have available, and then print out their “wish list” and visit us at the store and be able to pick up items while walking around.

Plantfinder would have been great, had COVID-19 not happened and forced us to move our entire product list online, and be available for purchase online. It’s currently impossible for folks to come in and walk around, and even once things go back to “normal”, Plantfinder still wouldn’t be a good fit.

We’re now going to be concentrating on updating and maintaining inventory through our online store. This will allow us to have everything listed so that even if something is out of stock, or out-of-season, interested parties will still be able to add themselves to a list so that they can be notified when they’re available once more.

Why remove it completely? Why not just keep it around?

Since PlantFinder can’t “talk” with our online store, it’s causing more trouble than it was intended to solve: ie, helping customers find products in stock, and purchase, or put in a request for them. People have been visiting Plantfinder, and intending to buy from their Wishlist, but since they can’t – it’s been causing far too much frustration to keep.

Thank you everyone for your understanding. Having to move online has been a learning experience for all of us, and we’re working to make things better!

April 22

April 21

  • All hail has broken loose! It’s too cold for many plants, so we’re keeping most plant orders indoors. If coming in for a pickup, and if you don’t see your order, give us a call!
  • We’ve finished uploading all current tomato varieties and sizes to the site!
  • Many varieties come in 4-cell packs, 4″ pots, and/or Patio Pots

April 20, 2020

  • PAYPAL | We’ve been receiving reports of customers getting an odd “Try again later” error when going to pay for their online order. We’ve been going over our transactions whenever anyone mentions that error, and each time, other orders are going through without any trouble. This means that the issue could be local (there’s something going on with a web browser, or an extension that’s installed), it could be a PayPal-specific error, or it could be that there’s something going on at the bank/credit card-issuer’s end.

If this error crops up for you, please try the following:

  1. Give a different web browser a try (Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)
  2. Call up your bank, and ask to speak with their Fraud Department. Explain that you’re trying to use your card on an online store which uses PayPal to take credit card info.
  • SHIPPING | The program which controls the site’s shipping options seems to have had an update go through last night, and as a result, there may be some strangeness going on as a result. We’ve contacted the program’s Support Team to have things ironed out once more, but in the meantime if something odd does happen, please try the following:
  1. Try a different web browser. Example: If you use Safari or Microsoft Edge most often, try using Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox instead.
  2. In Google Chrome, try opening up a new “Incognito Window” and go to the site and try to put your order through again. Incognito makes sure that there isn’t anything coming between you, your web browser, and our site.
  3. If the same thing keeps happening, please let us know by either calling us up (905-892-5832), or by sending a message through our “Contact Us” page. If possible, please include as much info as you can about what happened, what went wrong, and whatever kind of troubleshooting you were able to try. Thanks so much!

April 18, 2020

  • Something seems to be going wonky with the Plant Finder since its move to the site’s Footer. Everything should still be there, but the site seems to be having trouble connecting. We’ve got people working on it, and are hoping that it’ll be back within the next few days.
  • Perennials have finally made their long-awaited appearance on the Online Store! We’ve started off with a smaller selection of our top Grasses, Ground Covers, Early Season, Coral Bells, and Favourites. We’re nowhere near done, and will be adding to the list at every opportunity.
  • Has something sold out on you? We now have a new “Waitlist” feature! This means that if you were to go to a product that was, but is no longer available, you can add your email address to be added to a waitlist. Then, once we have the product back in, you’ll be notified over email so that you can go back in and buy what you had been waiting on :)

Please note that the waitlist isn’t the same as pre-ordering, or pre-paying for out-of-stock items. This means that products could potentially sell out between receiving a “back in stock” email and when you go to try and purchase it anew. If there’s something you’re very much interested in, please try to make your purchase as soon as possible.

April 17, 2020

Things are warming up! Most pickup orders will be available outside the store in the Safe Pickup Area as before.

If you don’t see your order when you arrive, please give us a call and include your name and order number, and we’ll get it for you!

For the Online side of things, we’re working on adding/tweaking the store’s Menu, so that there’s a drop down for each separate category. This is something that is going to take some fine-tuning, so there may be times that the site looks a bit strange. If this happens, please refresh and try again!

April 14, 2020

We’re currently working on simplifying the store, and making it easier to navigate. As a result, there’s been some movement going on with how products are categorized:

Other changes:

  • We’ve heard your requests! Pots and decorative planters are being added to the store, and will be found in their own Pots category.
  • As hinted above, we now have bulbs on our online store! Get a head-start on growing some gorgeous flowers today!

Jerry the cat loves you!

April 9, 2020

Change and Revisions:

  • There had been a misunderstanding regarding what’s happening this Friday, April 10th (Good Friday). For the day, we’ll still be taking orders online through our webstore, and folks can pick up orders they had already made at the front of our store in the safe pickup area. Our Bulk Yard will not be making deliveries or accepting pickups for the day.

Main Additions to the Online Store:

Previously added:

We’ll try to continue adding new products as often as possible! Thanks again for your patronage and understanding.