blue potatoes

For those who love to grow and cook their own food, your gourmet garden starts here.

We have 27 types of tomato plants!

We have 27 types of tomato plants! Why plant a regular tomato plant, when you could have an exciting variety of wonderful tomatoes in your garden – different shapes, sizes, colours and tastes… incredible!

We have so many varieties of vegetables and herbs at Rice Road Greenhouses. Wonderful beans, onions lettuces and 25 kinds of peppers…wow! Excite your senses and expand your menus with these fantastic plants. Great prices too!

Variety Cultivar
Basil Red Rubin
Basil Large Leaf
Basil Lemon
Beans Fava
Beans Flat Green Bush
Beans Flat Yellow bush
Beans Green pole
Beets Detroit Red
Broccoli Cornado crown
Brussel Sprout jade cross
Cabbage golden acre
Cabbage ruby perfection
Carrots bolero
Cat Grass
Cauliflower snow crown
Celery utah 52-70
Celery golden plume
Chicory Danelion
Chives garlic
Chives regular
Collards top bunch
Coriander cilantro
Corn sweet
Cucumber burpless supreme
Cucumber market more
Cucumber English Telegraph
Cucumber pioneer
Cucumber sweet success
Dill Mammoth
Eggplant black beauty
Eggplant classic
Eggplant millionaire
Endive full heart batavian
English Lavender
European Celery
Kale blue vates curled
Kohlrabi Green
Kohlrabi Red
Leek Arkansas
Lettuce esmarelda(butterhead)
Lettuce great lakes(head)
Lettuce mesclun mix
Lettuce Green Towers
Lettuce red sails (leaf)
Lettuce simpson elite(leaf)
Muskmellon burpee hybrid
Muskmellon early dew(green)
Onion alisa  craig
Onion southport white globe
Onion (spanish red) red zepplin burgermaster
Onion (spanish white Candy
Onion (spanish yellow) riverside sweet
Parsley forest green
Parsley hamberg
Parsley italian
Pepper (extra hot) caribbean red
Pepper (extra hot) cherry bomb
Pepper Habenero Scotch Bonnet
Pepper (extra hot) habanero
Pepper (extra hot) inferno
Pepper (hot) chile grande
Pepper (hot) crimson hot
Pepper (hot) hungarian yel. Waxed(banana)
Pepper (hot) jalepeno
Pepper (hot) long red cayenne
Pepper (stuffer) big early(red)
Pepper (stuffer) big early(red)
Pepper (stuffer) super stuff (romainian)
Pepper cubanelle
Pepper (sweet bell) blue jay
Pepper (sweet bell) california wonder
Pepper (sweet bell) chocolate bell
Pepper (sweet bell) Jupiter
Pepper (sweet bell) orange grande
Pepper (sweet bell) red beauty
Pepper (sweet bell) yellow belle
Pepper (sweet) red pimento
Pepper (sweet) super shepherd
Pepper (sweet) super sweet cherry
Pepper (sweet) sweet hungarian banana
Pumpkin big max
Radish country royal
Squash butter nut
Squash goldrush
Squash jvk bush zuchini
Squash pasta
Squash table ace
Strawberry everbearing
Strawberry june bearing
Summer Savory
Swiss Chard discovery
Thyme Garden
Tomato Brandy wine
Tomato Oxheart
Tomato Parks whopper
Tomato red grape
Tomato san marzano
Tomato sugary
Tomato sun sugar
Tomato sweet million
Tomato yellow pear
Tomato early girl
Tomato glamour
Tomato ultra girl
Tomato tumbling tom red
Tomato cherry pink
Tomato golden milano
Tomato beefsteak
Tomato better boy
Tomato big beef
Tomato big beef
Tomato burpee big boy
Tomato health kick
Tomato husky red
Tomato Jet Setter
Tomato lemon boy
Tomato roma (paste)
Tomato ultra boy
Tomato ultra sweet
Watermelon sweet favourite