We are here to help you create the spring garden of your dreams! With over 100 varieties to choose from, we have Niagara’s best selection.  Here are some of the new bulbs we are most excited about.

Garden Staples


eastern starPulchella Eastern Star

This mini-botanical tulip is part of a species that is great for naturalizing. At only a height of 6″ and a hardiness zone of 3 these lovely deep magenta-pink flowers are a dainty addition to any garden. You can expect these to bloom early ( March-April) and for many seasons.

La Belle Epoquela belle epoque

A wonderful double tulip, La Belle Epoque is classified as a peony tulip, due to their resemblance to large, full-bodied peony blooms. You will not find a nicer color of peony tulip, with an antique-silk finish la Belle Epoque is reminiscent of older times. Apricot-pink petals with coffee mousse that fade to a pretty yellow around its edges. This late blooming tulip will bloom late April- early May, and with stems reaching 12″ in height make a great cut flower. Hardy to zone 3.

ice creamIce Cream

Novelty tulips are a breakthrough in hybridizing. These unusual specimens are great in containers or as a focal point in a garden. Perfect for cut flowers Ice Cream is another double peony tulip, and can be described as a scoop of brilliant white vanilla ice cream placed on a strawberry cone. The white inner petals mound very closely together to create this resemblance, while Strawberry-pink petals, with a hint of green, encircle this beautiful white center. One look at this beauty will have everyone screaming for ice cream. Another late blooming tulip, you can expect this tulip to bloom late April-early May and reach 16″ in height.


city of harleemCity of Harleem

Hyacinths are well known as a gardener favorite due to their wonderful perfumed blooms. City of Harleem is one of the best loved hyacinths of all time. It begins as a soft primrose yellow, that matures to a wonderful ivory. You can expect hyacinths to start blooming is Early-mid spring , Late March to early April, and to reach 10″ in height.



Narcissus AKA Daffodils


Part of the Poetaz family this is a sweetly scented multi-flowering blooms. Chinita is a hardy gardeners favorite dating back to 1922! This dainty flower has  buttery-yellow petals with an orange-red center, grows 14″ in height and blooms March-early April.

White Lionwhite lion

This double flowering narcissus has the large blooms atop sturdy stems, making it a great cut flower. It’s sweet fragrance has often been described as  a sweet gardenia bloom. This large double flowering daffodils has layers upon layers of soft lemon yellow and cream petals.  Hardy to zone 3 this daffodil will bloom in early to mid- spring, March-Early April and reach 16″ in height.


orange monarchOrange Monarch

Known as the herald of spring, crocus are dainty flowers that appear in VERY early spring, as early as late February. Orange Monarch reaches only 4″ in height, and is great for naturalizing in gardens all the way down till zone 4. This is a unique and surprising color to see in the garden this early, with golden-orange tones and hints of maroon.


Known to be one of the most popular of its species Firefly is a reliable garden crocus. With its unusual blue to lilac blooms, and yellow centers this dainty flower is a tidy growing naturalizer. This is another snow crocus, which blooms in very early spring,as early as February and only reaches a height of 4″.


graceful beautyGraceful Beauty

Also known as ornamental onions, allium are a show-stopping specimen to add as a focal point in your spring garden. Graceful Beauty is not your everyday allium, due to its white flowers. This allium has 3″ globes of bright white blossoms with purple tipped stamens and dark stems. Naturally deer, squirrel and rabbit resistant, these bubs are great planted in clusters for large impact in the garden. Hardy to zone 4, this allium will get 16″ in height.

Garden Accents

While these bulbs are not as well known as our garden staples, but we hope this will soon change. With more unusual colors, textures, and sizes these garden accents are great additions to any spring garden.


striped beautyStriped Beauty

Known as the emperor of the garden these 36″ tall flowers have a leafy crown of bright green foliage atop bell-shaped blossoms. Striped Beauty has a yellow based blossom with orange overtones, striped through the blooms. Another added feature are this plants dark green leaves and burgundy flower stems. Best planted in a cluster for a lush display. You can expect these to bloom mid-Spring.


Red Emberred ember

This dutch iris is great for cut flowers and blooms in May. This 22″ tall iris is not like other dutch iris due to its unusual color. Each blossom is a dark purple/rusty-red that has yellow center, atop green stems with thin leaves.





Another unusual iris due to its magnificent color. This dwarf iris is a stunning flax-blue with a yellow center, it’s even fragrant! These dwarf irises will bloom in early spring, March, and reach only 6″ in height. Great for rock gardens. Try mixing them with other early blooming bulbs, like crocus or winter aconite.

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We hope you are just as enthusiastic about these exciting new additions to our bulb availability. Come down and see Niagara’s largest selection of fall bulbs, with over 100 varieties of bulbs to choose from you won’t be disappointed.