Nematodes: What are they and how do they work?

A popular and environmental friendly way to control grubs, beneficial Nematodes are microscopic organisms that feed on insect larvae. In fact, they are known to control more than 250 types of insects. We introduced these efficient pest controllers as a chemical alternative 10+ years ago, and through the years customers keep telling us how well they work.

Nematodes should be applied in cooler and moist weather conditions to facilitate entry into the soil,  such as in the evening or a cloudy day. Don’t forget to keep your lawn moist before and for 3-4 days after your initial application .

Why choose our nematodes?

Our grub control contains two 100% organic nematode strains, Heterorhabditis bacteriophora and Steinernema Spp. This blend is extremely effective as one strain stays close to the surface, approximately 3”, and one that penetrates deeper into the soil, approximately 7”. Our  nematode blend  is an isolated Canadian Strain that is produced in Ontario, on a live host. It is fresher, and more keyed to Canadian pests than other brands.

Do I have Grubs?

Here is a picture of a lawn with grub damage.

lawn grub damage

If you see damage similar to this this, pull up the lawn near the damaged areas. If the lawn pulls up easy and you see grubs, than you should treat your lawn with nematodes.





lawn grub

Here is a picture of a Japanese Beetle grub; this one is a common grub in lawns at this time of year.





Healthy lawns will almost always have a few grubs, and can sustain small amounts of grub populations.  If you have pulled up an area in your lawn because you are curious, and only see one or two in a one square foot area you shouldn’t have to worry. Just keep fertilizing and watering your lawn, and these few little grubs will not cause any serious harm.

Watch Jerry talk about nematodes, and how to apply them.