Curious to know what we stocked in trees last season? This list is from April 2017, but stock is usually consistent from season to season. We will bring in new and exciting varieties every season, check back shortly for an updated list for 2019.We may not have everything in stock depending on the time of the season you come to the greenhouse.  If you do not see a variety you are looking for, give us a call. We may have received it, and we can try to bring it in for you.


Beech Dawyk Gold Beech
  Dawyk Purple Beech
  Purple Fountain Weeping Beech
  Tricolour Beech
Birch Jacquemonti  Birch
  Jacquemonti Birch clump
  Whitespire Birch
Cherry- Ornamental Kwanzan Japanese Cherry
Chestnut Ruby Red Horse Chestnut
Dogwood- Flowering Cherokee Brave Red Flowering Dogwood
  Chinese Flowering Dogwood
  Satomi Flowering Dogwood
  Stellar Pink Flowering Dogwood
  White Flowering Dogwood
English Oak Pyramidal English Oak
Hornbeam Pyramidal Hornbeam
  Pyramidal Hornbeam Lucas
Japanese Maple
Bloodgood Japanese Maple
  Lion’s Head Japanese Maple
  Orangeola Cutleaf Japanese Maple
  Tamukeyama Red Cutleaf Japanese Maple
  Twombly’s Red Sentinel Japanese Maple
Daybreak Magnolia
  Leonard Messel Magnolia
  Merrill Magnolia
  Saucer Magnolia
  Yellowbird Magnolia
Maple Crimson King Norway Maple
  Eskimo Sunset/Sycamore Maple
  Green Mountain Sugar Maple
  Paperbark Maple
  Royal Red Norway Maple
NATIVE Tulip Tree Tulip Tree
Pear- Ornamental Chanticleer Ornamental Pear
Redbud Eastern Redbud Clump
  Eastern Redbud
  Forest Pansy Redbud
  Ruby Falls Weeping Redbud
  White Flowering Redbud
Redwood Dawn Redwood
  Goldrush Dawn Redwood
Willow Golden Weeping Willow