• Mystery Mulch is On Sale at Rice Road Greenhouses

    Now’s the time to Mulch and Save!

    If you've been waiting to mulch your gardens and flower beds, now's the time! Our Mystery Mulch (a blend of all of our mulches) is on sale for only $20/yard!

  • Steve and Rob Moes Will Be On Vacation and Away from the Greenhouse until December 1st 2020

    The Bosses Will Be Away on Holiday!

    It's time for the Bosses to take a break! Jerry and Rob Moes will be away and unavailable until December 1st!

  • Fight Next Year's Japanese Beetles using Nematodes from Rice Road Greenhouses

    Did your garden suffer from beetles this summer?

    Japanese beetles were a blight upon Niagara's gardens and flowerbeds this summer, but now it's time to take revenge! Next year's swarms are incubating in your lawn right now, so you can take out their larva right here and now by using Nematodes.

Top 15 April Gardening Tips

We’ve put together our top 15 April gardening tips. Give your garden a bit of love and attention now, and you’ll have all summer to enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

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