Meet and hatch the ultimate gardener’s friend! Mantises consume aphids beetles, flies, mosquitoes moths, caterpillars, and pretty much anything else they can catch. This hatching chamber contains an egg case (already attached to a stick), and is otherwise exactly the same as those we sell individually. It’ll let you see and experience the incredible wonder that is the hatching of 40-400 baby mantises!

When hatching a mantis egg case in its hatching chamber:

  • Place container in a warm spot, but not directly in the sun.
  • Mist daily. This is very important! You do not want your egg case to dry out.
  • Wait patiently. Check egg case daily.
  • Tiny baby mantises will hatch within 1-8 weeks, taking 1-2 hours to leave the egg case.
  • Once hatched enjoy the event, and then let the mantis go in you garden. Mantis can be keep individually as insect pets as long as you can supply an ongoing food source for them.