Add a bit of that good ol’ rustic country charm to your home with this tiny decorative tin truck transporting an equally tiny Alberta Spruce. It’s also not just a decoration: the tiny Alberta Spruce is real tree, and can be planted in the spring!

  • Truck is 7″ x 4″ x 3″, and the tiny Alberta Spruce is around 11″ from base of burlap sack to topmost tip
  • While in the bed of its tiny tin truck, the Spruce should be given access to full sun to partial shade. 
  • There is a small plastic liner in the bed of the truck which can be filled water when the last batch of water has been absorbed. Try to keep the soil moderately moist (The tree’s roots are wrapped up in burlap), allowing it to absorb water. 
  • While there is lining in the truck bed, it is still suggested to have a container or a dish to catch any potential water overflow (so as not to damage one’s furniture)
  • Note: the wheels on the truck do not move round n’ round (they’re welded in place)